Finally! Bass Pro opening day

Today’s the big day. Bass Pro at the Pyramid has its grand opening this evening at 6. Can’t make it in person? The Memphis Flyer has a video tour as well as a guide.

The Grizzlies have Game 5 against Portland tonight at 8:30. Between that and Bass Pro, expect extremely heavy traffic Downtown this evening.

The Tennessee Brewery is open 4-8 tonight for people who want a spot to pre-game for the Grizz.

The man who stole Elton John’s glasses from the Rock & Soul Museum is now in custody and the glasses have been returned.

Forecast is looking mostly excellent for Music Fest this weekend. The only negative is that low near 50 Friday night. Don’t let that stop you from wearing those tube tops though. The thing about good weather for Music Fest, is that it’s often a sign of bad weather for BBQ Fest two weeks later. I hope I don’t find myself walking home in the 52 degree rain again.

Reminds me: Moody Ques, check your email. Head cook Frank sent out the menus and shopping lists for each day, along with requests for a few items we need in the booth. Of course, a flamethrower is not on the request list because we already have one. I’d post the menu here but it might attract freeloaders, so check your email and let me know if you did not receive an email.

(I mentioned the flamethrower :mrgreen: )

The Flyer’s Hungry Memphis blog has a report on Oshi’s Danger Dog. Bacon!

The Flyer is having a margarita fest Saturday, June 27 out in Overton Park.

I’ll be out at the usual spots after work, and will stay up to see the end of the Grizzlies game.