Bacon cheeseburger pizza @ Double J

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2015 is the year I rediscovered South Main. About 5 yesterday I was at Blind Bear, my favorite pair of librarian glasses behind the bar, when I thought, “Hey, Max’s Sports Bar is open. I think I’ll head down there.” So I tabbed out and began the walk south.

I had been going for 6 hours already at that point, and I realized I needed to get something to eat. Max’s has great steamed sandwiches, but I just wasn’t in a sandwich kind of mood yesterday. “Double J is across the street,” I thought. “They have great food. I’ll eat there.” I pulled up their menu on my phone. Back when they rolled out the Loft Bar, they had three pizzas exclusively upstairs. I guess the pizza business went well, because Double J expanded to a full lineup of pizzas available both up and down.

There was a bacon cheeseburger pizza. That brought back fond memories. Anyone remember the Italian buffet at Poplar Plaza, in the location that is now a Chinese buffet? I was a grad student at the University of Memphis at the time and would go there between classes. They had several pizzas on the buffet and one of them was a bacon cheeseburger pizza. So good. I decided to see if Double J’s take on the pie would measure up.

Indeed it did. Cheesy yumminess with hamburger, bacon, cherry tomatoes, onions, and just a hint of mustard. It was a 9-inch pizza, slightly more than I could finish but I put a good dent in it. I want to try more of Double J’s pizzas. Of particular interest is “The Undertaker,” which has several meats, pineapple, and jalapeno. Normally I don’t like pineapple on pizza but I think the jalapeno would balance it out and make for an interesting taste. I will get back there soon to try The Undertaker, maybe as soon as today.

PRO TIP: Let your pizza sit and cool off for about 3 minutes after it comes out. Much easier to eat if you do this.

I didn’t know the bartender at the Loft Bar, and when I came in I’m pretty sure she wondered if I was a bum. I was sweating from the 3/4-mile walk down there and my hair, 4 months since cut, was going this way and that. I looked like a beach bum who had just stepped off the Greyhound from San Diego. Not sure I convinced the bartender I was not a bum by the time I left, but at least she now knows I’m a bum who leaves 30% tips.

Across the street to Max’s I went, where I got to hang out with four of my favorite people – Gary and Boo, Bad Shane and Leigh. A few weeks ago I mentioned on Facebook that I felt like I was in a rut in my life, and Gary suggested I spend more time in South Main. I have done just that. It was an excellent suggestion. This is the first month ever that I have spent more time at Max’s than I have Flying Saucer. Walking down there is good exercise and I enjoy getting to see my South Main friends as much as I do my Downtown core friends.

Thanks to Bad Shane and Leigh for the ride home. If I had walked it, that could have been a bit scary, especially with all the sidewalk construction in South Main. I need to re-do my list of top five Fireball pushers. Michele at Max’s has made the list for sure and might even me number 1 now.

You know, I have a holiday suggestion. We have Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day. There needs to be a holiday where you honor those who helped you find where you fit in. I remember back in March 2003, when I was invited to Sunday brunch at Sleep Out Louie’s. Bad Shane and Leigh were there. I was introduced to them, and they immediately made me feel welcome, as though I had been part of the gang for years and years. I couldn’t wait until the next Sunday to hang out with them again. I will always be grateful to them for making me feel like I belonged – and I do belong.

(And yeah, I have selfish reasons for suggesting this holiday, because I know a lot of people found where they fit in because of my blog. I like presents!)

On to the news… Yo Gotti and Friends 3rd Birthday Bash happens tonight at the Mud Island Amphitheater. 7:30 PM is the start time.

Historian Jimmy Ogle leads one of his free walks today at 2 PM. Meet at Crump Park (take exit 12C, Metal Museum Drive, off I-55). Learn about the Mississippi River, the bluffs, the bridges, Chickasaw Heritage Park, Metal Museum, railroads, and river barge traffic.

Daytime music recommendation if you have tomorrow off work: STAX Music Academy graduates, now in college and home on summer break, will perform at B.B. King’s at 12:3o tomorrow afternoon.

BRIDGES unveils its new outdoor rock climbing wall and challenge course tomorrow at 2.

All right. After all the pizza ‘n beer yesterday, it’s time for a juice cleanse to repent for my sins. The good thing about living Downtown is that there’s a health clinic called the Blind Bear right down the street. My cleanse will be supervised by nutritionist B-RAD and the juice will be PBR flavored. B-RAD also has a health drink called the duck fart which combines three all-natural ingredients and which is said to be excellent for colon health. I will probably poop more than all the dogs in my apartment building combined, but that’s OK. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads reading this blog, and here’s to a day of healthy living!