Beans, Beans, Nature’s Fruit. The More You Eat, the More You…

Before I get started with the news… CITY ENGINEERS: Is there any way you can sync the light at Second and Poplar with the other lights on Second? Since about a week ago, it’s an extra stop at Poplar, then an extra stop at Washington. Irritating.

Pam & Terry play Blind Bear tonight at 10!!!!!!!! I had an early bedtime last night (9:30ish) but that will not be the case this evening! Going to stay up at least through their first set! They like to take pictures of their fans and I want to stay through that too, so 11:30 will be about the earliest I will get home.

“Spill the Beans with us” is the theme at the Memphis Farmers Market this Saturday. Beans are among the many produce offerings you can find at the Market, and from 9 to 12 Saturday kids can make their own “shake, rattle and roll” bean shakers. “If you’ve got the time, we’ve got the beans!” reads this weekend’s newsletter. (Frank, you wrote that, didn’t you?) You can donate blood to the Red Cross (schedule a time here), and each donor will be given a $5 token to spend at the Market. There will be pet adoptions by Real Good Dog Rescue. Live music by Paul Waits 8:30 to 10. 7 AM to 1 PM, pavilion at the corner of Front and G.E. Patterson.

Weather permitting, I plan on hitting the Market from about 10:00-10:40 Saturday, before my walk north to Panda Time at Bardog. Wonder if I will see the girl at whom I was throwing wadded-up napkins Sunday at Blind Bear… I do see her at MFM from time to time. If I see her this week, I’ll buy her a sunflower from the Whitton Farms booth to say “thanks for being a good sport Sunday” and as a peace offering in general. It really is time we made amends.

Speaking of Panda Time, I will be minus my “DAWG” John D Saturday because he is one of the people who went to Mexico for a wedding. If anyone wants to keep me company, I’ll be around… Bardog 11 AM. Usually I stay until 1 but Saturday I will probably extend my stay until 2, then go over to Second Street for the opening of new liquor/wine store Quench.

MFM has published Crop Hop 5K results and photos. There are also Memphis Runners Club photos.

There was a a meeting about Race for the Cure for Downtown business owners yesterday at Cafe Keough. At least 20,000 runners are expected on October 31, and leaders and business owners brainstormed ways to maximize the impact of this new race Downtown. Little Rock’s race draws 30,000, it was said, and Memphis being a larger city should aim for even a larger turnout.

Here are some photos of the soon-to-open Artspace on South Main Lofts.

This is cool: Google’s first Vertical StreetView lets you climb Yosemite in the comfort of your own home.

Interesting: Herschel Walker has been invited to Atlanta Falcons training camp by head coach Dan Quinn. Walker is 53 and claims he can still play at the pro level.

From Business Insider: Universities should ban PowerPoint. It makes students stupid and professors boring. As a former college instructor, I agree with this one million percent. In the five years I taught, the only time I ever used PowerPoint was when I was teaching the PowerPoint module of my Computer Literacy classes.

Work is done, blog post is done, and it’s time to get out for the evening. Normally Silly Goose is my first Thursday stop, but with so many people out of the town I think I will mix it up tonight. Happy hour with my favorite pair of librarian glasses at the Blind Bear, then over to Flying Saucer to knock a few beers off my 9th plate, then back to the Bear for Pam & Terry. It’s a Saucer sandwich with Bear bread.