Tuesday update

Sorry for no post yesterday. I had to take a personal day, both from work and from the blog. I’d rather not go into the reason why.

But never mind that, because I have a happy note with which to start this post: Congratulations to my friends Lee and Lisa, who got married yesterday evening at a resort about 30 minutes outside Cancun. Lee lived in Memphis from 2006ish to 2010 when his job transferred him to another cities. He is one of the most solid guys I have ever known in my life – always someone I could turn to for great advice. Lisa is his high school sweetheart. I wish you many, many happy years together.

Independence Day is the free movie being shown on the big screen at Beale Street Landing this evening. The show starts at 8:30.

“Hot Rods on Beale” happens tonight starting at 6 PM.

It’s dollar King Cotton hot dog night at the Redbirds. The Oklahoma City Dodgers are the opponent and first pitch is 7:05.

Are you proud to be an American? Show your knowledge of our great nation tomorrow night at 7 at America trivia with Kevin Cerrito at Tap & Tamp. Some great prizes are up for grabs.

For the first time ever, Elvis Week will include a tutorial on the King and his impact on popular culture.

Venus and Jupiter will appear to merge and form a double star tonight. Some think this was the Star of Bethlehem that was seen around 32 BC.

So, anyway, about my personal day yesterday… Sometimes it’s nice to have a bar around the corner that opens super early. Usually I’m not a fan of ordering my first beer at 8:54 in the morning, but yesterday it was much needed. The Today Show was on at Bardog and as the clock moved into the 10:00 hour we got “The Scoop with Kathie Lee and Hoda.” As I watched, I thought to myself, how in the world do people watch this show WITHOUT drinking? It was awful. Man, if I were a housewife, I’d probably need several handles of vodka a week to get through that show.

Possibly the most important match of the entire Women’s World Cup happens tonight: USA vs. Germany at 6 PM Central time. Mashable has a preview of the match. I can think of no better place to watch than Max’s Sports Bar, so I will head that way after work.