Monday update 3

Monday is usually not my prolific day of the week for blogging, but here I am with a third update in the same day. Let’s get this show on the road.

Vance Lauderdale from Memphis Magazine has an article about a website that is worth a bookmark: Historic Aerials gives you a birds-eye view of Memphis from 50 years ago and more. You can see what your neighborhood looked like at points in the past.

Smart City Memphis is on board with the “Keep I-55 Open” campaign. The bridge over the Mississippi is scheduled to be closed for nine months in 2017 for construction.

Henry Turley Company has an entry-level bookkeeper position open.

The Memphis Business Journal has a look at the gender pay gap in Memphis by zip code. In 38103, women make somewhere between 83% and 89% of what men make. Want to make bank, ladies? Work on Presidents Island, where your pay is 95% to 104% of that of men.

For my buddy Phil: Ride along on toy trains with a GoPro strapped to a model railroad

I don’t follow golf much but this is pretty hilarious:

Like beer enough that you’re willing to travel to sample it? The first annual Great Arkansas Beer Festival happens in Little Rock on Saturday, August 1.

Excellent Virginia Woolf quote tweeted by the @HistoricalPics account: “You cannot find peace by avoiding life.”

PBR time. Melissa Monday. Back tomorrow.