Thursday update 2: Police precinct to move plus tons more news

This is the second news update of the day, so scroll down to this morning’s update for info about the Peabody rooftop party, Orpheum movie, and more. I got up early and blasted out a news post before work.

The police precinct currently in Central Station is moving to make room for a movie theater, hotel, and apartments. The precinct will be relocated to space in MATA’s North End Terminal.

There will be a vegetarian cooking class and feast at Bring It Hub/The Cannery out in The Edge at 694 Madison, 3 PM Saturday. $65 per person; email to register (the Downtown Memphis calendar has memcooks.excange without the “h” but I’m assuming that’s a typo. You could always email both addresses just to be safe.). Entry fee includes instruction, recipes to take home, and wine. I must admit I had never heard of Bring It Hub/The Cannery. Bring It Hub is a distributor of local fruits, vegetables, and other local farm products. (FRESH PRODUCE!!! :mrgreen: ) The Cannery is a commercial kitchen that can be rented in 3-hour increments.

Trolley Stop Market has extended its closing through Sunday. The market will re-open Monday, July 27.

Quench is having another wine tasting tomorrow evening. Starts at 4 PM. By the way, today is Thursday Ladies’ Day, with ladies receiving a discount on purchases.

MLGW has a program called Share the Pennies. You can agree to round your utility bill up to the higher dollar – so if your bill was $154.33 you’d pay $155.00 – with the extra pennies going to help the elderly and disabled pay their utility bills.

News from the FiveThirtyEight Significant Digits newsletter: McDonald’s is considering making breakfast available all day after successful trials in Nashville and San Diego.

One day left in the Moody Ques’ “name the smoker” contest. Send your suggested name to and I will forward it along.

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Bloggers who use WordPress: If you don’t have your site set to auto-update, manually update your site now. A critical vulnerability was found.

VERY cool: NASA has found a rocky exoplanet orbiting around a G2 star (the sun is also a G2) in the planet’s habitable zone, sufficient for an abundance of oxygen, which means this is a planet capable of supporting life. The planet is 6 billion years old (Earth is about 4.5), is 60% larger than the Earth, and is 1400 light-years away.

Even if life is not found on this planet, it might be an indication of the Earth’s future. The sun is getting brighter, and as a result the Earth will heat up. Scientists predict that by Earth’s 6 billionth birthday, it will no longer be in the Sun’s habitable zone, the oceans having boiled away. We better learn how to travel to other planets and inhabit them sometime in the next billion years.

I’ll be out at Silly Goose happy hour after work. Plans after that TBD.