Friday update 2: Geese grow fast, Downtown street closures Sunday August 2, I-55 bridge news, sushi news and more

The geese in our pond at work had four goslings this summer. Here’s a photo of the goslings on June 4:


And here are the goslings on July 24, with the mother leading the way:


Damn. Geese grow fast.

NOTICE OF STREET CLOSURES next Sunday, August 2: A movie will be filmed in Downtown Memphis and the following streets will be closed between 5 AM and 9 PM: Second between Jefferson and Union; Union between Second and Riverside; and Madison between Second and Third. If you park in one of the garages along those routes and you need to drive that day, better figure out a plan.

Good news: TDOT halts plan to close I-55 bridge

Seen on Twitter today: Coming soon: South Main Sushi & Grill. Anyone got details? Email if you do.

GREAT news: MATA is exploring extending the Madison trolley line to Overton Square. PLEASE let this happen. This should’ve happened when they built the Madison line to begin with.

On Sunday, August 9, High Cotton Brewery is doing a rare Sunday opening for Sunday Fun Day and an art show. It starts at 1 PM that day and will feature art by Amy Hartelust Fine Art, Billy Moore Folk Art, Bridgman Pottery, David Butler Art, Don’t Blink, Dorothy Art, Get Arch’d, Heather Howle ART, Hillary Butler Fine Art, M.Russell Art, Mary Claire White Candle Co., Michael N Foster, Tintype Photography, Paper&Clay, and Rebecca Phillips Art. The brewery taproom will have $3.50 pint specials, and the Gourmade food truck will be parked outside. Artist Michael Foster will come up from Oxford, Mississippi, and he will take your photo and create wet plate tintypes of your portrait.

I would definitely consider taking an hour off from D-RANKS with B-RAD to go to this. As of August it will have been 14 months since my last visit to The Edge, and with this event that Sunday and the Moody Ques cookout the day before, it’s possible I could be there twice in consecutive days.

There’s a sushi food truck now. Follow @SushiJimmi on Twitter to keep up with its whereabouts.

Tickets are now on sale for Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage live concert at the Orpheum.

I see my buddy Dennis had a chicken fried steak for lunch today. Great choice, Dennis!

Home from work. Time for happy hour at the Silly Goose then I will figure out a plan for the rest of the evening.