Thursday update

Lunchtime! Frozen dinner is heating up in the microwave. In the car on my way to Kroger to get the dinner I composed a new song. B-RAD you will like it. It has a rockabilly feel to it. Maybe I will be invited to perform it at the rockabilly fest in The Edge on the 15th-16th. (Edit: Came up with a title – “Farmers Market Boogie”)

The Dantones will provide the live music at tonight’s Peabody rooftop party. Doors open at 6, ladies free until 7, $10 cover. Admission includes a Spanish buffet of chicken and sausage paella from 7-8 PM. If you’re in VIP there’s a second buffet of traditional paella, tortilla Espanola, and chorizo stuffed mushrooms from 7-9:30 PM. Orange margaritas and white sangria will be on special.

Somewhere in northern Mexico my BBQ teammate Mardoqueo is reading this and thinking, “Paella! Paolo, this sounds like the best rooftop party of the season.”

Hook plays at the Orpheum tonight at 7 as part of its classic summer movie series. Come early at 6 for a Neverland-inspired scavenger hunt.

There’s a job opening at the Grizzlies that sounds like a fantastic opportunity for the right person: Coordinator, Promotions and Event Presentation.

There’s filming for a movie happening on G.E. Patterson today. Max’s Sports Bar will have the back gate open. You can enter the bar through the patio entrance. Quote from Max: “Come have a drink and see what the Hood looked like in the 70’s! There will be classic cars and afros everywhere.”

Last night I learned what the winner’s prize will be for the August 4 spelling bee at Bardog: His or her weight in Yazoo beer. There will also be $3 Yazoo draft pints. 9 PM start time. I will not be participating but will definitely be there to watch.

The Elvis Week schedule has been posted. August 8-16.

City Market posted a health tip: Ask for a pinch of tumeric in your smoothie. “Turmeric is a great source of curumin that is a anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-tumour, antibacterial, and antiviral agent. It also helps flush out dietary carcinogens, boost liver detox and treat depression.”

Reader question: “It’s obvious that you’re a big fan of both fresh produce and chicken fried steak. If you were on death row and had to pick one or the other for your last meal, which would it be?” Are you serious? CHICKEN FRIED STEAK, OF COURSE! I like fresh produce and all, but let’s not be completely crazy!

New at Cleveland Browns games: Bacon wrapped foot long with brisket and jalapeno relish. Wow. This dog looks so yummy it might actually make Browns fans forget how much their team sucks.

The Iowa Energy, the Grizzlies’ NBA D-League affiliate, have hired female assistant Nikki Gross.

Lay’s potato chips latest flavor: Southern biscuits and gravy.

Outta here for now, maybe a second post after work. I will lead off happy hour at the Silly Goose most likely.