Been a while since we had two updates in one day – Tuesday update #2

This Friday is South Main Green Bus Night, known to some as South Main Trolley Night, with many of the shops in the area open until 9 or later, some having deals or appetizers, beer, or wine. Good news for Green Bus Night: Paul Morris who runs DMC has announced that the re-paving of South Main is complete, and there will be no street closures that night.

South Main Sounds at 550 South Main will hold its 16th Singer Songwriter Night that night from 7 to 9. Music by three-time veteran Savannah Long and second-timer Maria Spence and Holly Cole of The Memphis Dawls and Zak Baker of Zigadoo Moneyclips. Bruce Barham and Steven Pittman will round out the night.

WREG has a report on Red Hot Lindy Hop, where you can learn how to swing dance at several locations around town, including the Rumba Room on South Main on Friday nights. This group has been around for quite a while; I took a swing dance lesson from them back in 2003 and I absolutely sucked at it. The dance was at a juke joint over on Airways though, which was kinda cool.

The Blind Bear’s new 16-week poker league starts tonight at 8 PM. There are also games on Sunday (6:30) and Thursday (7:30). There are some changes for this new league. $40 gift card for each game’s 1st place, $20 for second. Accumulating points of 5 for 1st, 4 for 2nd, 3 for 3rd, 2 for 4th, and 1 for showing up. I like that; it rewards skill more than the old system. New drink specials for poker players include $2.50 12oz bottles Miller lite, Coors Light & Miller High Life; $3 cinnamon whiskey shots; and $5 Texas vodka.

Saw this on Twitter: Dump Meals. Isn’t that pretty much what Taco Bell is?

Another BBQ Fest team is joining the Best Memphis Burger Festival competition this year. Weekend at Porky’s is on board. Rahul and Tony may not make the best Bloody Mary and win that category, but I bet their Bloody Mary will have the most fruit in it. Damn… Weekend at Porky’s, Squeal Street BBQ, and the Moody Ques (who won a trophy at BBQ Fest ’15) all on Tiger Lane… that is going to be a SHITSHOW. The festival is October 3.

Congratulations to my friend Kellie who made it through her training period at Max’s Sports Bar, even with no previous bartending experience, and impressed Max enough to hire her. She will be working during football season, and possibly taking over some of the shifts Max has been working.

Happy hour time! I am going to make a game-time decision where to go – one of the three M’s – Melissa, Mary, and Max. Melissa is at Bardog, Mary at Blind Bear. I hope I don’t have to tell you where Max is. I just spent the day debugging a 2500-line SQL query and am ready for refreshment.