College of Art moves its graduate school, couple to climb Mt. Kilamanjaro for St. Jude, and more: Wed update #2

The Memphis College of Art has decided to leave South Main, moving its graduate school back to its Overton Park location. The school wants all its students on one campus. While that may sound like bad news for South Main, it may not be. The school’s arrival here was preceded by $2.5 million in renovations, which will make the building attractive to other organizations.

Cool story: Former Memphians/frequent visitors Dennis and Mary Pat, now residing in Madison, Alabama, are going to climb Mt.Kilamanjaro for St. Jude. They’re hoping to raise $19,341, which is one dollar for each foot of elevation of the mountain. The Flying Saucer has donated $1160, which is $193.41 from each of the six Saucers where they have plates.

Here’s a reminder that tomorrow is the Kooky Canuck gift card sale, at both locations 11 to 9. Kooky Canuck will match every dollar you put on the cards. Purchases must be made in $10 increments.

Also tomorrow, Pam and Terry will play the Blind Bear from 10 to 1. I guess I’m staying up late then…

Want to work at the Memphis Airport? Want a hospitality job with very competitive pay and benefits? My friend Rodger has some very good positions at his company that you can view here. In particular he is looking to fill management positions at Starbucks and F&B, “or else I’ll be making coffees myself and no one wants that.” Rodger is the guy who told me about the difference between chicken fried steak and country fried steak.

(I mentioned chicken fried steak :mrgreen: )

Visible Music College wants to add a dormitory. View an architectural rendering here.

From Arts Technica: Facing possible ban, more and more Americans are buying new and used $900 flamethrowers

(I mentioned flamethrowers :mrgreen: )

That’ll do it. Two posts in a day again. Shall we go for three? Check back.