No Longer the Victim + Wednesday news

For those of you who like to read books set in Memphis, my friend Monte recommended one a few weeks ago and I thought I’d pass it along. No Longer the Victim, the first book by a local author, is about a woman who was molested by her mother’s lesbian lover as a child. The woman flees to Memphis as an adult and begins a noted career with the Memphis Police Department. At age 33, memories of being molested are triggered. She goes on a crime spree, luring lesbians from a gay club and murdering them, then displaying their nude bodies on Beale Street. I haven’t read it myself yet but Monte enjoyed it and it seems to be getting good reviews on Amazon. The Kindle version is only $3.99.

Moody Ques: Check your email for information about Best Memphis Burger Fest on Saturday. If you didn’t get the email, shoot me an email to and I will forward. I will give you guys an extra incentive to get there early: This is your one chance to see “Mr. Load-in” actually do load-in.

So, who’s giving me a ride from the Downtown core to Tiger Lane on Saturday? I can take a Lyft or cab if no ride is available (I’m sure you know I’m not driving), but I thought I’d ask.

While we’re on the subject of Burger Fest, for those who don’t want burgers, the organizers have announced that Mr. Frazier’s Fish Fry will be one of the food trucks.

Bike Night on Beale is listed as running April 15 through September. That would make tonight the last one for 2015.

The Orpheum has selected Brett Batterson as its new president and CEO. Sounds like a quality hire.

Interesting post on the Memphis Magazine Ask Vance blog: Tony’s Fruit Stand at Main and Beale was a Downtown institution for many years. It closed in 1971.

From the Carbunkle Trumpet blog: Former Memphian Robo teaches New Yorkers the difference between true barbecuing and grilling.

I see the members of Squeal Street BBQ had a Facebook thread going yesterday, throwing out words associated with the BBQ teams. “Miracle Whip.” “10 oz.” “Fire Extinguisher.” “Flame Thrower.” “Charcoal.” “Fireball.” “Popcorn.” I notice “Trophy” was not mentioned.

(I mentioned a flamethrower :mrgreen: )

6:15 AM and I’m already up and posting. Could be another post at lunchtime or after work, so check back.