Saturday update

A friend of mine who is assisting with the Sinners for Saints Halloween Ball at Stop 345, benefiting the Church Health Center (buy tickets here) is looking for local businesses who would be interested in donating gift cards to be given away at the party to costume contest winners. The party is expected to attract 500-700 young professionals with disposable income who drink and dine in Downtown and Midtown. The organizers would announce your business’s sponsorship on the event’s Facebook page, where it could be seen by as many as 2400 people. They would be happy to put up any banner you want at the party as well, and I will mention you on here personally thanking you. Green Beetle, Silly Goose, and Rizzo’s Diner are already among those on board, and there’s still plenty of room for more. If you would be interested in donating a gift card, shoot me an email at and I will pass it on to the person coordinating the donations.

I was told that one of the very top organizers of the party said that it’s nice to have me on their side. Nice to be on your side. :) Or should I say, PBR MAN is happy to be on your side. See you on the 31st.

From Cambridge, Massachusetts: Man writes open letter to woman who reported a “creepy guy” in the park. This illustrates what happens when accusations are made and people believe them having heard only one side of the story. It’s really unfair. Don’t assume; don’t judge; seek facts and listen.

There’s a lot going on today at the Waterfowl Expo at Bass Pro. Events include a bowfishing seminar, information on what is available for women in hunting, a Taste of Memphis event (bet the Nuh-Uh Girl wishes she was in town), a seminar on hunting wild hogs, a duck calling seminar, and a ton more.

Wet Willie’s is having a Koozies for Boobies party tonight at 8. Get hammered drinking Call-a-Cabs for charity!

Across the street from that party, Ben Rector: The Brand New Tour will come to the New Daisy as part of the theater’s grand re-opening. Special guest Judah and the Lion. Tickets are $20.

30 years ago, my grandmother told me about a time 40 years before that when the Fuller Brush man would knock on her front door and see if he could sell her any brushes. It isn’t the Fuller Brush man but door-to-door sales jobs still exist in 2015? Really? Glad I’m insulated from salesmen behind the call box of a controlled-access building.

A lot of people are posting “RIP Bevo” this weekend and I would like to join them. Bevo, the Moody Ques’ smoker at BBQ Fest 2014 and 2015, made a valiant effort to hold temp but the environment prevailed. You did the best you could, Bevo. Rest in peace.

Tickets are now on sale for Fall Out Boy’s March 18 stop at FedExForum.

Here’s a photo of bubble ball in Court Square yesterday.

The Memphis Tigers host the Ole Miss Rebels at the Liberty Bowl at 11. I will be making a special trip to Bardog to watch the game. Football insider John D will join me to provide insight into these two football programs.

Okay, really he’ll be showing me the Star Trek air freshener he got in his July Loot Crate shipment, but whatever. Go Tigers! Tentative plan after Bardog is librarian glasses at Blind Bear, Fire Haus, tacos from Maciel’s, halftime nap, then a birthday party at E&H at 8. This post is D-U-N done. I’ll see you tomorrow.