Farmers market, Facebook tip and more (Mon update #2)

Back with an after-work post. I rode the elevator up with my neighbor and BBQ teammate Peter. He congratulated me on being named Director of PR for the team, although he commented, “They left out the B.”

Style Blueprint has a really good article about Jill Forrester of Trolley Stop Market and Whitton Farms. Forrester says she is a zealous supporter of Memphis Farmers Market, and that there would be no Trolley Stop Market if MFM did not exist. Six years’ worth of sales at the Farmers Market allowed her and her family to save up enough money to open Trolley Stop.

Speaking of farmers markets: There will be a special mid-week farmers market at 387 Pantry on South Main Thursday of this week from 5:30 to 8:00. Wilson Gardens is doing some great things on its organic farm. Fuel Food Truck will be on site. Come pick up some produce, browse all the goodies in the pantry, and check out recipes using pantry goods and Wilson Gardens fresh produce.

Here’s a tidbit about Facebook privacy options that may be useful to some of my readers: If someone has you on their Close Friends list or has Get Notifications enabled for you, if you hide a post or photo from them at the time you post, they won’t be able to see it, but they will still get a notification that you posted. If you post a link to a web page, they will briefly see the page’s title. If you post a photo, they will briefly see a thumbnail of the photo in their notifications.

The 17th edition of South Main Songwriter Night happens this Friday at South Main Sounds, 550 South Main, beginning at 7 PM. Steve Black, Vanessa Winter, Frankie Hollie, Jason Middlekauff, Roger Wild and Rebecca Almond are among the talent that will be showcased. There is no cover but tips and donations are encouraged. Beverages will be available.

From Mashable: The latest victim of climate change is good beer.

Historian Jimmy Ogle will give a free tour of Court Square and its surroundings tomorrow at lunchtime, 11:45 AM.

That’s it for now. Time for Melissa Monday at Bardog. I hope I get a seat but given that it’s Downtown Dining Week, I can’t count on it.