Monday update

Yesterday was a classic Sunday Fun Day at Blind Bear. When all three of FML – Feeny, Mary, Lacey (the first two of whom are now roommates) are all there, you can always count on getting some good quotes.

B-RAD put Pandora on the Classic Soul BBQ station for Sunday brunch. A song came on and Mary commented, “I sang this to Feeny’s cat last night.”

Later, Feeny said that she has always wanted to stick her head in a marsupial pouch. “I want to make friends with a kangaroo.”

I did have to leave the Bear for a couple of hours to go over to the Silly Goose for a BBQ team meeting. With team president Moody leaving for a job in Texas, the board of directors of the team had to be changed. Vice-president Clay moves up to president, with cookteam member Erik taking over the vice-president role. Moody will retain a seat on the board as General Counsel and will be back for BBQ Fest ’16.

A couple of other board changes were made: I was appointed to the board as Director of PR, and a yet-to-be-filled At Large position was created. This position will rotate from year to year, getting fresh blood on the board and giving team members an opportunity to step up. If you are interested in the At Large position, let us know.

On to the news: The Redbirds are hiring a Manager of Ticket Operations.

I’ve mentioned all of these before, but in case you missed it, the Flyer has information on five new Downtown projects.

For those new to town, get ready for the first Saturday in December, because it is a day when a LOT happens Downtown. The St. Jude Marathon is that morning. The Beale Street holiday parade is that afternoon. The SEC championship game will be on TV. The Tigers play Southeast Missouri at FedExForum at 6. At 7 is the Stumbling Santa pub crawl beginning at the Flying Saucer, a massive toy drive that draws over 1200 Santas. It will be a busy, busy day indeed and those of us who take “halftime” naps probably won’t get the chance. For those wondering, yes I do plan on participating in Stumbling Santa this year. I’ll have more to say about it as the date gets closer.

The beers of Bell’s Brewery enter the Memphis Market this week. From November 9 until December 31, every time you buy a Bell’s beer at the Flying Saucer, you will be given a slip of paper on which to write the name of your favorite school. On New Year’s Eve, the name of the winning school will be drawn, and that school will receive a donation of 25 cents for each Bell’s beer that was purchased over the 7-week period.

Brunch tip I will pass on from one of my BBQ teammates: He highly praised the red fish and grits at Automatic Slim’s.

The American Queen is docked in Memphis for the holiday season and tours will be available November 14 through December 26. The American Queen is the world’s largest riverboat.

Tentative plan for tonight: Melissa Monday at Bardog, then over to the Blind Bear to watch football. I say “tentative” because those are both Downtown Dining Week locations, and if they are too crowded I may skip one or both and go to the Saucer instead. In any event, I will be out somewhere around 5:30.