Street closure, Farmers Market and more Friday news

Monroe Avenue from Front to Main will be closed Sunday from 7 AM until about 1 PM for equipment repair to be done at Brinkley Plaza. If you need to travel down Monroe Sunday morning, plan an alternate route.

Savor the Season is the theme at the Memphis Farmers Market this Saturday. Savor the goods at the market while you can… there are only two markets left this year. From 9 to 11 kids are invited to make Thanksgiving wreaths. It’s World Diabetes Day and folks from the UT College of Pharmacy will be on hand to take blood pressure readings, answer questions, and discuss lifestyle changes to prevent cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Live music by Paul Waits 8:30-10 and Kim Hummel 11-12:30. The market is under the pavilion at Front and G.E. Patterson from 8 AM to 1 PM Saturdays.

The trolleys will stage a South Main comeback. Rep. Steve Cohen announced yesterday that MATA had received a $2.6 million grant to purchase three electric rail cars.

In other “it’s about time” transportation news, the U of M has started planning a pedestrian bridge over the railroad tracks. There are tens of thousands of the “20 minutes late to class because I parked on Southern and there was a train” club who are rejoicing right now.

They don’t serve food there, but in honor of Downtown Dining Week Life Is Good will have $20.15 tees through Sunday.

Yesterday I was in the Blind Bear when a liquor rep came in and showed the bartender Captain Morgan’s latest product, Captain Morgan Cannon Blast.

2015-11-12 15.42.05


The rep said, “Personally, I think it tastes like Froot Loops.” “YES!” Mary replied. They are trying to capture some of Fireball’s market with this new drink.

High Cotton is the latest local brewery to get in on the coffee + beer action. Sunday they will be rolling out their newest beer, a combination of Dr. Beans Coffee and their dry-hopped Baller Brown.

If you need a little help getting into the Thanksgiving spirit, here’s a video of The Undertaker making a surprise appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show and hitting the Tombstone piledriver on a man in a turkey suit.

Random article of the day: Having a cat can lead to mental illness

I’m taking a few weeks off work, so if you see me out and about Downtown during the day don’t be surprised. Hmmm… if I remember correctly, Double J does its chicken fried lunch special on Wednesdays… and it just so happens that next Wednesday is my birthday. I may have to check that out. Outta here for now, possibly a second post later in the day.