Lunch at Oshi

Not much news to report today, so I will post photos of my lunch yesterday instead. After a few hours of D-RANKS with B-RAD, I decided I was hungry and walked across the street to Oshi Burger. Oshi is famous for its spiked milkshakes, so of course I had one.

2015-11-15 15.52.32


The Malt Shoppe milkshake is made of vanilla ice cream, malted milk, malted milk balls, and (optionally) bourbon. It was yummy! If you have kids with you or if you have to drive, you can get non-spiked versions of any of Oshi’s shakes.

As for food, the tempura green beans were a must, but what to get for the entree? In past visits I have always ordered Oshi’s burgers, which are absolutely delicious, but this time I decided to be different and order a hot dog instead. Furthermore, when I order hot dogs (in general, not just at Oshi) I tend to get chili dogs, so I decided that the dog I was going to try could not be a chili dog. I decided on the Mary Had a Little Lamb, because it features locally made lamb sausage, and I have never had lamb sausage before. It comes topped with cucumber pico and feta mint dressing. It was something different and I enjoyed my lunch very much.

2015-11-15 16.00.38


My birthday week has begun and I am off work. My actual birthday is Wednesday, but it looks like we are scheduling a birthday dinner for Thursday night because 1) more people can make it Thursday; and 2) Wednesday is a diaper party for Bloom at Bardog who has a baby on the way.

Speaking of Bardog, I guess I better run by there and make sure everything is ready for Bloom’s party. The PBR tap is a particular area of concern and I may have them pull it 5 or 6 times to verify that it is in proper working order.