PBR bowling pin birthday news update

2015-11-17 19.34.41


It’s my birthday! Last night I got an early birthday gift from poker host Muruako: A PBR bowling pin. He doesn’t remember where he got it, and neither one of us is sure what use it will ever have, but he figured I should have it. If you’re looking for something to do, check Muruako’s poker games out. He runs the Silly Goose Monday at 8:30 and Blind Bear Tuesday at 8. Both are free to play and a great way to meet people Downtown.

Loving My Memphis has a really good Downtown Dining Week recap with lots of photos.

Memphis in May is looking for Canadians in Memphis, or people in Memphis with a strong connection to Canada, to be a guest presenter as part of their education program for 2016 when Canada is the honored country. Email ckirby@memphisinmay.org if interested.

The Memphis Gay & Lesbian Community Center has a couple of part-time positions open (10 hours a week each).

Foodie Ben Carter posted this: Ketchup squares prevent your burger bun from getting soggy. Ketchup in solid form? GROSS.

A Champions League featuring former NBA players including All-Stars is coming this summer, playing approximately 30 games during July and August.

Ten thousand years before Darwin, our ancestors used selective breeding to save the pumpkin from extinction.

All right, time to hit Publish and head south. If I remember correctly, it’s chicken fried steak lunch special day at Double J and I want to give one a try. Later in the day, I will be at Bloom’s diaper party at Bardog at 4, Silly Goose at 5, and probably trivia at Blind Bear at 8. Possibly another post before I hit the diaper party, so check back.