Thursday update

In my “Thanks for the birthday wishes” post earlier today, I said I was having Internet connectivity problems and there MIGHT be a post tomorrow. But you know what? I like to exceed expectations! I’m still at Bardog, and the netbook’s still at Bardog, and there’s news and PBR, so let’s do a post, shall we?

Awesome news for Memphis: AutoZone Park has been chosen to host the Triple-A national championship baseball game on Tuesday, September 20, 2016. The game will be nationally televised on NBC Sports Network. This is a big win for Memphis and a sign of how highly AutoZone Park is regarded in the baseball world.

In other sports news, the Tigers host Grambling State at FedExForum at 7 tonight. Dedric Lawson looked like a stud against Oklahoma and hopefully he will step up again tonight.

Jared from the Subway commercial was sentenced to 15 years for sex-related crimes. As one of my Facebook friends posted, five dollar footlongs coming his way.

The Memphis International Jazz Festival happens on South Main today through Sunday.

There will be a lighting ceremony for the Downtown Christmas tree tomorrow at 4 at the corner of Main and Peabody Place. They have erected a 30-foot tree down there,

After the tree lighting, stop by Quench, which will have its November wine tasting 5:30-7:30. For those not familiar, Quench is an upscale liquor and wine shop across from the Peabody on Second next to Kooky Canuck.

After you’re done with the wine tasting, head to 550 S. Main for the 18th South Main Sounds Songwriter Night. Performances by Alicia Gaill, JoJo Jefferies, Ronnie Caldwell, Michael Graber, Patrick Seiler and Mary Owens. You know, tree lighting + wine tasting + live music for a total of $0 spent is not a bad Friday night.

Cody, Mylon and Tim will be spinning some tunes at the Silly Goose, Wednesday, November 25, 11 PM to 3 PM, It’s the night before Thanksgiving and the DJs are hoping to see plenty of familiar faces. There is no cover and this tends to be one of the biggest party nights of the year.

Teryn (bartender at Bardog) just said, “Happy birthday, I got you a package of turkey sausage.” Well that was random.

All right. Usually this is the space where I post that I’m about to go out to a bar, except this time I’m already at a bar. I’m going to remain at Bardog until a few minutes before 3, then take the netbook home, go to Mary’s bar at Blind Bear, then over to Jessica’s bar at Silly Goose at 4, then grab a Lyft and meet my friends at Robata Yakitori & Ramen at 6. Rare field trip outside of Downtown. Daniel from the Goose loves that place. Can’t wait to try it out. Going to hit Publish and see if I can find a menu to check out in advance.

Hopefully I will have Internet tomorrow and will be back with a post. It’s the last Farmers Market of the season and I would hate to not blog about it. Post may be up a bit later than usual, more on the order of 2:00-3:00.