Hydration therapy and Wednesday news

I saw something interesting on Facebook yesterday. You may have seen Elite Men’s Health that opened a couple of years ago at the corner of Main and MLK. I knew they did B-12 shots, sinus cocktails, testosterone therapy, and minor medical, but I did not know this: They have hydration therapy for those days when you feel like you got run over by a truck the night before. That could be really useful for a lot of Downtowners, particularly during BBQ Fest.

In other Facebook news, I saw my first Elf on the Shelf photo of the season yesterday. UGH

Lots of people volunteer on Thanksgiving or Christmas… but volunteers are needed year-round. Volunteer Odyssey invites you to take the volunteer pledge for 2016. Let them know which month you want to volunteer, and when the time comes they will email you a list of ways you can do it.

Or, you can volunteer from home on Thanksgiving making gift bags for the homeless.

Speaking of the homeless: An organization called Room In The Inn, which was started in Nashville, is giving hope and warm places to stay to the homeless during November through March when it is coldest outside.

A Love4Lebanon video will be filmed at Beale Street Landing¬†Saturday, December 12. It’s a way to show support for those in Lebanon who have been displaced by recent terrorist attacks.

Journey and the Doobie Brothers are coming to the FedExForum with special guest Dave Mason Wednesday, May 25.

A few days ago, I commented that my BBQ team ought to give smoked mac & cheese a try on our new cooker. Well, last night my friend Katie (not Mac) had to go and make me jealous and post that she was eating smoked mac & cheese… and to really rub it in, she was eating Gus’s too. Hey Katie, how about a trade… your team’s smoked mac & cheese recipe for my team’s award-winning microwave popcorn recipe?

The Memphis Flyer is now on Apple News. I used that app for the first time yesterday and it’s pretty cool.

All right, time to get this day started. I will probably hit Tim, Cody and Mylon’s party at Silly Goose tonight but that doesn’t start until 11. Rest of day TBD.