Good live music alert

If you’re in town for the holiday weekend and would like to hear some good Memphis live music, but you aren’t in the mood to deal with Beale, I have a suggestion for you. The Eric Hughes Trio plays Blind Bear tonight from 10 to 1. Eric is a talented bluesman who I have known for years. He played my friends’ wedding reception in 2011 and absolutely made the event something special. I recommend this band if you are looking for something to do.

Okay, that’s it. Sorry for no post yesterday and a short post today, but I haven’t been in front of a computer much. I actually had a post typed yesterday but I read it over and thought, “This post SUCKS.” I’d rather post nothing than post stuff that is not quality material. Anyway, I’m outta here, going to see if I can find a place that has a Black Friday special on some PBR. Back tomorrow with more news.