A 93-inch bear and Monday news

I’ve mentioned FML, Feeny, Mary, and Lacey, who are my friends who bartend at the Blind Bear. Feeny and Mary recently became roommates, and another acronym – PBR, Paul, B-RAD, and Roger – decided to get them a housewarming gift.

Photo Dec 05, 2 12 05 PM

One of the girls was at Costco and posted a photo to Facebook of a 93-inch-tall stuffed bear in a bin, and said, “I want this.” Rodger and I were at Brad’s bar when we saw the photo and said, “We’re totally getting them that bear.”

The girls love their bear but Feeny’s cat Sam is not too happy about his new roommate.

In other news: Thrillist has an article on female bartenders you need to know in Memphis and several of my favorites made it.

SO excited that my Hogs got invited to the Liberty Bowl. I kind of had a feeling all along that would happen. Arkansas will play Kansas State here on January 2.

As for the Memphis Tigers, they have Auburn in the Birmingham Bowl. Here’s a preview.

Downtown food tip: The mac & cheese that comes as a side with the Silly Goose’s sliders is probably the best I have ever had.

Sorry for the break last week everyone. It’s been a weird year for me and I just needed some time to cope. Hopefully I will be resuming my regular blogging schedule this week.