Live music, burger with hashbrowns baked in, kale-munching freaks and more in this Friday news report

There are lots of opportunities to hear music Downtown tonight. Tony Bennett performs at the Orpheum tonight with special guest Antonia Bennett. Show starts at 8 PM.

Meanwhile, over at the New Daisy, Who’s Bad? The Ultimate Michael Jackson Tribute Band takes the stage at 9.

Or, perhaps you would prefer to hear some local music… in that case, head to 550 S. Main at 7 to hear Paul Waits, Eric Hughes, Keturah A. Brown, Don McNatt, Karen McNatt and Tiffany Harmon in South Main Songwriter Night 20.

Memphis in May has extended its sale of all fine art posters through the end of the year. Use code HalfOff to save 50%.

Hungry Memphis checked out Sly’s South Main Burger at the Green Beetle. Hash browns are baked in the beef patty and it’s topped with bacon, cheddar cheese, and an egg cooked to order. Now that’s my kind of burger! It’s $12 but is big enough to have leftovers for a second meal.

Here’s a reason you should eat Sly’s South Main Burger: New research says that a vegetarian diet could actually be worse for the environment. Eggplant, celery, and cucumbers look particularly bad when compared to pork or chicken, the study says. A professor notes that eating lettuce is three times worse in greenhouse gas emissions than eating bacon, and that common vegetables require more resources per calorie than most people realize.

“But when everything was tallied up, it wasn’t looking great for all the kale-munching, clean-eating freaks on Instagram,” the article notes. Hahahaha. Kale-munching freaks. Love it.

Memphis plays Ole Miss at FedExForum tonight. Radio personality/writer John Martin has Memphis as a 3-5 point favorite.

If you’re on Twitter, here’s a drinking game: Drink every time a photo or video of BB-8 appears in your feed. If you want to get really hammered, drink every time any Star Wars character appears. I suppose the same game could be played with Facebook as well.

Congrats to my alma mater Rhodes on being named a Best Value College by Kiplinger’s Personal Finance.

Congrats to One Commerce Square on their recent Leadership in Energy & Environment Design(LEED) Gold Certification. The building won the certification after a redesign by Looney Ricks Kiss.

Nearby, First Tennessee continues renovation of its main office building as well.

From MakeUseOf: Apps to help you connect with people and stop feeling lonely. This obviously isn’t a problem for me now, but when I was younger (particularly the six months I lived in San Diego) I was often lonely and didn’t know how to connect. I may sign up for the Party with a Local app; I would be a great Downtown Memphis tour guide. (Edit: I can’t find it in the App Store. WTF? Is it because I haven’t upgraded to iOS 9.2 yet? I have an iPhone 6 so my phone being too old can’t be the issue.)

Prayers for the students of Lausanne. A first-year teacher there was killed yesterday crossing Union Avenue at Cooper.

Plans for tonight: Undecided. All the bars in the Downtown core are likely to suck, filling up with Ole Miss fans and their horrible Hotty Toddy cheer. I guess I will find the bar that sucks least and hang out there. Possibly a Friday Update #2 about 5:30, so check back.