All kinds of random Sunday goodness

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Thanks to Captain Shane (far right) for the Photoshopped Millenium Falcon image. I created the logo image myself using a meme generator.

The stupid stuff you see on Facebook… one of my friends posted a selfie at Dallas Cowboys’ stadium yesterday, captioning it “In Mecca.” Yeah, since you’re in such a holy place, how about praying for a 5th win this season?

I ate lunch at Maciel’s Tortas and Tacos yesterday. It was good as always – this time I got the Tinga (spicy chicken) quesadilla with rice and beans. They had some news to pass along – next week they will have shrimp tacos and fish tacos. That is great news. I have no doubt their fish tacos will hold up to the ones I had in San Diego.

While I was waiting on my quesadilla, they gave me Mexican lagniappe in the form of an ear of corn with Mexican butter and salsa:

2015-12-19 15.17.06

SO good. If you like Mexican food and have not been to Maciel’s yet, you MUST go. This is not a “when I get around to it” place. This is a “go immediately, because if you don’t you’re missing out” place.

Scribol has the 20 craziest things found on Google Earth. Number 11 is a Memphis thang. Atop Peabody Place there is a sign that reads, “come Downtown and play.” It is evidently there for the benefit of airplane passengers flying over on their way in to Memphis. Just don’t expect to play at Peabody Place mall itself; the mall has been closed for years.

While we’re on Scribol, they also have a list of the 20 most overlooked countries to visit in Europe. I must say I agree with number 14. In Romania you will find ancient castles, the Carpathian Mountains, and plenty of extremely hot girls.

Happy birthday to my “DAWG” John D. I will see him at brunch briefly this morning before he meets his parents for a birthday lunch.

Anyone who thinks military people don’t have senses of humor needs to watch this performance of “The Twelve Days of Christmas” by the United States Navy Band:

“Ghost Signs” are signs that are left behind long after the business the sign is advertising has closed. Ask Vance has information about the Wm. R. Moore ghost sign on the Nettleton Avenue underpass. The business was once one of the most successful in Memphis, a dry goods emporium.

Question for my readers to ponder: Which in general are stupider: Names of college football bowls held in the December 19-23 date range, or Weather Channel named winter storms?

The City of Memphis has made it easy to tell who’s a tourist and who’s not:

2015-12-20 08.40.01

They’ve painted crosswalks on all the streets intersecting the Main Street Mall. If you see someone making a conscious effort to use these, they’re a tourist. Locals are going to continue to cross the street wherever they damn well please. You may occasionally see a local in a crosswalk, but it’s not because they meant to; it’s just where they happened to be walking.

Bet the crosswalks will make it easier for the bums to determine who to hit up for money. They will be a lot more likely to get a dolla from people who use the crosswalks.

There are several cigar stores in the Downtown core. South Main, you’re getting one in February. The Tinder Box will be coming to 346 S. Main, which is south of Pontotoc across from the Rumba Room. The store will feature hand-made premium cigars, a walk-in humidor, and a cigar lounge.

From the Daily News: Get to know your know City Councilpeople

From the Huffington Post: Republicans like Obama’s ideas a lot better when they think they are Donald Trump’s

The Blind Bear has its 4th anniversary party Saturday, December 26 starting at 8 PM. There will be food and drink specials and Roman Trio takes the stage at 10.

Time to shower, get dressed, and head to the Bear for D-RANKS with B-RAD. I would bid you adieu but I will let Patty Smyth do it for me: