Monday update #2

Emotional car ride home. Maybe I will say something about it later but not right now. It has nothing to do with my mother’s health, by the way, so don’t worry about that. Let’s just say that I prayed for the first time since probably about age 30.

This is scary: Someone put a voter database online with 191 million records. The records contain details like names, addresses, dates of birth, party affiliation, and phone numbers. Even scarier? As of yet, nobody knows who put it online.

Tomorrow is a rare weekday doubleheader at FedExForum. The Memphis Tigers play Tulane at noon, and then the Grizzlies take on Miami at 7. At the Grizzlies game, you can get a free Ghost River “All Hops, Grit, Grind” pint glass. Simply order a Ghost River beer at either of the two stations selling it, and keep the glass. seeks a contract programmer for a single project.

Popular singer Charvey Mac plays the Silly Goose tomorrow night, Tuesday, December 29 from 10 to 1. That’s the weekly $2 local craft beer day so I will probably pop in for Charvey’s first hour and a craft beer or two. Or maybe I’ll forget to shop local like the last time Charvey was there and get PBR instead.

There will be a Liberty Bowl team welcome for Arkansas and Kansas State tomorrow at Bass Pro at the Pyramid at 5. Players will eat dinner and get to look around the new store. $25 if you want to attend. posted the forecast for the Birmingham Bowl in which Memphis plays Wednesday. Rain will be likely, especially in the morning, with 54 degrees at the 11 AM kickoff, up to 57 by 2. The Tigers practiced in the rain today which was good prep for the game.

Off to Melissa Monday at Bardog. A PBR sounds like a gift from heaven right about now (although that’s not what I prayed for either).