Tuesday (but nearly Wednesday) update #2

It’s 10:30 PM Tuesday December 29 as I type this, so realize when I say tomorrow I mean Wednesday the 30th. Sorry for any misunderstanding but I’m home from the bars and there’s so much news that I have to do a post before bed. Also sorry for any typos. Eating the black bean chili from City Market’s grab & go. After I get this up I may go to Silly Goose where Charvey is playing right now.

Local will open at 10:00 tomorrow for the Memphis-Auburn game and will have $1 beer, including the good stuff (local and premium) until the first team scores. Root for a low scoring game if you plan on attending!

Come see Big Red, the Arkansas Razorbacks mascot, tomorrow at Kooky Canuck from 12 to 1 in the afternoon. Big Red is doing the 25lb Humonga Kookamonga Challenge and needs help.

Trolley Stop Market is having its first ever New Year’s Eve Kids Party on Dec. 31 from 7 to 9. Complimentary cookies, popcorn, and cupcakes for the kiddos (no Nuh-Uh Girl this does not mean you) and the movie Minions will be showing. Pizza specials for the movie. 901-526-1361 to reserve your table today.

Miss Cordelia’s is ringing in the new year with $9 growler fills at the growler station through the 1st. Also $5 off your purchase at the station if you purchase 3 or more growlers will fill-ups.

James Rogers, outgoing head of Memphis Animal Services, offered this quote about his legacy: “I leave a legacy that’s really great, I think.” Hey James, here’s a quote from me about your legacy: FUCK YOU. I would not even hire you to water plants on the Main Street Mall. You’d probably put Ortho in the tanks.

This Mississippi River is expected to crest at 43.5 feet January 9. Not quite enough to flood Riverside Drive as happened in 2011.

For my fellow Led Zeppelin fans: List of 20 sessions Jimmy Page played, not as part of a band. Notable and surprising: Petula Clark’s 1964 hit “Downtown”

Wisconsin Man throws beer bottle at bartender who changes radio station from Black Sabbath to Christmas music. Seems reasonable.

Cafe Pontotoc has announced it will be closed Dec. 31 to Jan. 7 and to expect “big things” when it re-opens on the 8th.

Off to bed. Or the Goose. Damn this chili sure is good.