Russell George memorial fundraiser, Chef + Farmer + Maker and more Tuesday news

Just a few days ago I was commenting on my surprise that Motorhead frontman Lemmy had turned 70. Unfortunately Lemmy barely got past 70. A form of very aggressive cancer was discovered in him December 26, and he passed away yesterday. RIP and rock on, Lemmy.

The second annual Russell George memorial benefit for the Church Health Center is this Saturday at 6:00 at Earnestine & Hazel’s. Russell was the man who, in the early 1990s, bought E&H and transformed it into the dive bar known for Soul Burgers and a great jukebox that we know and love today. The E&H house band will perform and the Grizzlies game will be on. Suggested donation $10 at the door.

There will be a really neat event called Chef + Farmer + Maker Friday, February 5 at 6:30 PM at 387 Pantry. This is a tough event to describe in a sentence or two, so I will just paste in the first paragraph from Facebook.

Friday, February 5th, 2016 at 6:30 PM, The 387 Pantry will host a roundtable discussion on the current state and the role of our local food culture in building Memphis as a capital of culinary innovation and exploration. If cities are judged by their food, how is our gritty little city by the river being represented? The conversation will feature the voices of a selection of local culinary figures spanning several roles in the food world. We have invited two chefs, two farmers, and two culinary craftspeople to participate. These players, the farmers who grow and tend to the ingredients, the makers who preserve and believe in a unique application of an ingredient, and the chefs, who present creative, beautiful, and thoughtful culminations of all three, will discuss the dishes that best represent our city, the missing pieces to our food culture, the changes that we have seen over the past half decade, and, Memphis’ role in the broader context of the southern food renaissance, and so on.

Only 60 tickets are available. Get them here.

Max’s Sports Bar opened at 11:30 today for Tigers basketball. They will open at 10:30 tomorrow for the Tigers in the Birmingham Bowl, 2:00 Thursday for playoff semifinals, and 11:00 Friday through Sunday.

Note for Memphians reading this blog from Birmingham: Uber starts there today at 4.

Memphis Animal Services Director James Rogers is the latest Wharton appointee to be shown the door by incoming Memphis mayor Jim Strickland. HALLELUJAH! Good riddance, dog killer!

So last night, I was at the Blind Bear watching football, when the Nuh-Uh Girl showed up! And there wasn’t even any free food!


Me, the Nuh-Uh Girl, Jeannette, Misty, and Jeremy. The Nuh-Uh Girl will be in town until Monday and is ready for people to order some food so she can eat.

Before Monday Night Football, they showed photos of cryotherapy machines twelve of the Broncos use. They get in for three minutes – their full body in the machine, standing up, only their head sticking out. They said that it can reduce recovery time from 72 hours to 24, but it involves standing in a machine at temperatures up to MINUS TWO SIXTY (at least that’s what was claimed last night). I would say I would never do that, but I guess if I were being paid five million a year I would get in that damn machine too.

Also before the game, there was an emotional interview with Peyton Manning in response to claims that he took Human Growth Hormone. The employee who had made the accusation had already recanted, but Al Jazeera reported it anyway. In the interview I recognized immediately the look of exasperation and disappointment and hurt in Peyton’s eyes, that someone had made shit up about him and others believed it without question, without even bothering to hear his side of the story.

Shout-out to all the FedExForum employees working extra hard and extra long to provide fans a great experience at today’s doubleheader. My friend who manages concessions there told me his day will start at 7:30 AM and end at 2 AM.

I’ll probably lead off at Blind Bear for happy hour. Uncertain whether I will play poker later in the evening.