Wednesday update

The Liberty Bowl parade happens on New Year’s Day on Beale Street. If you haven’t seen this parade, I recommend going. It is a bit different from the St. Pat’s and Christmas parades in that it isn’t organized by the locals; it’s organized by the Liberty Bowl and AutoZone. It lasts longer than the other parades, there are more marching bands, and of course the participating schools, this year Arkansas and Kansas State, are represented. There will be plenty of Hogs and K-State fans around and it will be a festive time. The parade starts at 3, starting at Fourth Street and rolling down Beale to Second, but I recommend you get there around 2:40 to stake out your spot.

If you’re not driving and you can handle a cold drink on a cold day, go to Wet Willie’s and get a Call-a-Cab. It’s a punch-flavored daiquiri that is very high in alcohol content. Don’t get more than one unless you want to be in bed by 7 PM.

Good news: Effective Friday, Tennessee driver licenses will be good for 8 years instead of 5 as was the case previously. Fewer trips to the DMV = happier Tennesseans.

Bill Cosby faces his first criminal charges over his conduct with women. The charge is 3 counts of aggravated indecent assault. I hope Cos lives to be 110 so he can enjoy a full 30 years in jail, and even that isn’t enough to pay for the emotional turmoil so many women have experienced thanks to his actions. They got the charge in two days before the statute of limitations would have expired.

Arkansas and Kansas State fans, if you’re already in town and want to catch some good live music, I recommend checking out my friend Brad Birkedahl and his band at Blues City Cafe’s Band Box. Rockabilly and lots of Elvis. Good stuff. Show time is 9:30.

Cricket protein bars could save the planet. Yuck. Remember when they sold cricket snacks by the register at the Flying Fish? I swear I am not making this up. Somebody I know (Bones I think?) bought a package and offered me a cricket. I turned down the offer.

Geoff Calkins reports that the following team sent scouts for Paxton Lynch’s final game as a Tiger: Jets, Rams, Texans (two), Giants, Bears, Cardinals, and the Cowboys.

This map shows the drunkest states during the December holidays. Tennessee did well! My home state of Arkansas did well too.

There will probably be a second post before I go after work, so check back. Happy hour plan for me tonight is to lead off at Silly Goose, then over to the Flying Saucer for a friend’s final shift. Time to run errands then back to work.