Goodbye and good riddance 2015

We’re less than 12 hours away from 2015 being outta here and I can’t wait. The past several years, I have taken the night off on New Year’s Eve because the bars tend to turn into Amateur Night. This year, however, I’m gonna celebrate! Most likely I will meet up with friends at the Silly Goose tonight. If you haven’t decided what to do tonight, Choose901 has a list.

Why do I always think of good ideas too late? This morning I thought, I want to get a T-shirt printed saying “I GOT ALL DRESSED UP FOR NEW YEAR’S EVE” and wear it out on New Year’s Eve. With jeans, of course. Maybe next year… I do have a guy who custom prints shirts, so I can make this happen.

I played trivia at the Blind Bear last night. My team’s name was “The chimney wasn’t the only thing Santa came down.” I can’t take credit for the name but thought it was pretty damn clever. Jeannette asked me to let everyone know that the Bear will open at 3 PM New Year’s Day and they will have bowls of blackeyed peas and collards. For those not familiar with that tradition, Southerners eat blackeyed peas and collard greens for good luck in the year to come.

Also, the Flying Fish will be open regular hours tomorrow and will serve blackeyed peas with every order.

This makes me sad: Former Arkansas basketball player Michael Qualls has been arrested on drug charges. Qualls was the shooting guard who had the put-back dunk with less than a second on the clock in 2013 in a memorable victory over Kentucky. He left the Hogs after his junior season to enter the NBA draft, but was not selected. I always felt he would have been NBA material if he’d stayed for his senior year at Arkansas.

In case anyone is traveling north this weekend, be advised that Missouri has shut down I-55 outside of St. Louis due to flooding. Also, the U.S. 51 bridge in Kentucky over the Ohio River has been closed.

From Thrillist: Memphis’ best new bars and restaurants for 2015. Not at all surprised to see Maciel’s for Best Mexican. I cannot tell you enough how good this place is.

For those of you new to Memphis, there’s a game called “fireworks or gunshots?” that we play tonight and also on July 4. If you aren’t sure what I mean, just go outside around midnight and you will soon understand.

There’s a Digital Communications Coordinator position open at Youth Villages.

The CA’s Michael Donahue recommends the BBQ Benedict at Silky O’ Sullivan’s

Good seeing B-RAD and meeting his nephew at the Silly Goose last night. It is always a treat to be on the same side of the bar as Brad.

My WordPress dashboard tells me that “tube top pull down” is a top search term that leads people to this blog. Heh.

Work lets us out at 3 today, so I’ll do happy hour at the Goose at 4 (or the Bear if the Goose is not open). See you in 2016. Be safe tonight everybody and don’t drive drunk!