Bardog is open. Hogs fans, come pre-game for the Liberty Bowl parade with me.

The nice thing about where I live is that there is a bar that opens at 8 AM on weekdays – Bardog Tavern, on Monroe between Front and Main. It’s across from The Giant Hole in the street (you can’t miss it).

Bardog has proved to be a great place to pre-game for the Liberty Bowl parade. Last year a large group of West Virginia fans showed up and my BBQ teammate Mardoqueo and I had a blast telling them all the things to do that locals know about. This year it’s even better. MY team is here. Arkansas. The Razorbacks. The Hogs. If you are in town for the Liberty Bowl I invite you to come pre-game with me. I’ll be the guy with long hair with the Arkansas sweatshirt on and plan on being there from about 10:30 to 2:30. Come join me!

(Edited to add: They serve breakfast until 11 and then they have a great lunch menu. Try the Amazing Island Club!)