Wed update #2

Keep an eye out for more winter weather early Friday morning. The temperature will be right about freezing and if it dips below, we could get a lot of snow dumped on us. If it doesn’t, we’ll get rained on. No telling what will happen for sure since we’re still two days out, but it bears monitoring. is my preferred source in situations like this one. Follow them on Twitter at @memphisweather1, and they have a smartphone app which is worth the price of purchase.

This is good news: Shelby County has launched a mental health court. It will address the “frequent fliers,” the ones who are in and out of jail 8-10 times a year on minor crimes like public drunkenness and shoplifting. Many of the street people we see Downtown every day are part of this group. When they are charged, the judge will agree to drop the charges if the defendants complete a year-long mental health treatment plan.

Locally-brewed Memphis beer is receiving more national accolades. Playboy has included Wiseacre Tiny Bomb on its list of the ten best craft beers brewed in the Deep South.

There’s a new art project coming to South Main. There are many individuals in the city of Memphis who achieve great things in the face of injustice. Facing History and Ourselves and the Urban Art Commission are coming together to celebrate those individuals in the art project. You many nominate any Memphian to be included from February 3-29.

Do you have a neighborhood improvement project for which you would like to crowdsource funding? Crowdsource your citizen-led community improvement project on and you could get matching funds from Livable Memphis. They have $33,000 in matching funds available as part of the Green Up Memphis Match.

Good article: For the Gasol brothers, basketball is a small part of a larger world

Here’s a photo of South of Beale’s new chef’s seasonal menu offerings for the winter. The menu rolled out today,

There’s an Account Manager, Corporate Relations position available at the American Cancer Society in Memphis.

Great comment in an article about Sarah Palin endorsing Donald Trump: “Searching for meaning in this spectacle is like trying to find enlightenment in the ball pit at Chuck E. Cheese.” Hahaha.

Report: 10 percent of college graduates think Judge Judy is on the Supreme Court

Did you know there are craft beer cruises nowadays? Not too surprising.

That’ll do it for now. Possibly a third update after work. I will lead off at the Silly Goose for happy hour this evening, followed by a Blind Bear stop, then back to the Goose at 10 to hear Charvey.