Wednesday morning update

Getting a post done before work… not too crazy about driving in this weather.

Tonight is the debut of CharveyMac’s weekly gig at the Silly Goose. He takes the stage at 10 PM and will play until 1.

A Facebook event has been created for the grand opening of LYFE Kitchen at the Chisca on February 1.

New trend in parts of New York City: The chopped cheese sandwich. Described as “practically a drug dealer sandwich,” it is sold at bodegas in parts of Harlem and the Bronx. It consists of ground beef, onions, peppers and seasoning, chopped with a spatula and covered with slices of cheese. These ingredients are placed on a roll or toasted hero and topped with traditional condiments like hot sauce, mayo, and tomato. Sounds yummy; wish this food trend would spread to Memphis. Robo, you ever had one of these?

MLGW has announced that it will extend pension benefits to same-sex partners. Kudos to the utility for doing the right thing.

This is unfortunate: The face of the Memphis Says No More campaign, an effort to stop rape, sexual assault, and domestic violence against women, says police did not listen to her until she became the face of the campaign. She said that although the movement is well-intended, it’s basically “a PR stunt” until police start doing more to listen to the victims. That sucks; ending violence against women is an issue that matters personally to me. I emailed the contact person for Memphis Says No More in November asking to be put on the email list for media updates, but I never heard back from them. If this is a real campaign, I would like to help them get this important message out.

Important political news: Donald Trump’s lead has widened among the segment of the U.S. population known as idiots following Sarah Palin’s endorsement.

For those in Memphis who feel the Bern, there’s a Memphis for Bernie Sanders Facebook group that has been created.

Big opportunity for Downtown poker players: The 8:30 PM game Monday, February 8 at the Silly Goose (free to play) will have a $100 award for first place, double the normal weekly amount. The reason is the Goose will be closed for a private event the week before, Monday, February 1. With twice the cash value up for grabs, that makes coming on the 8th a priority and possibly making some moves that wouldn’t be worth the risk for only a $50 prize.

Off to work. I get to spend the day writing acceptance tests, which may not sound like a lot of fun but it actually is. Possibly back at lunch or after work with another post.