I got f’d up on two dollar Fireball yesterday and I’m hung over so this post isn’t going to be very good Saturday update

We didn’t get that four to six inches of snow yesterday, but the important things are that the office closed and Bardog had two dollar Fireball because it was snowing a little.

Erik from MemphisWeather.net has a post on busted forecasts and building trust. Erik, weather is unpredictable by nature. No reasonable person could expect you to get the forecast right 100% of the time. Thank you for all you do for Memphis. There is no weather source I trust more than you.

Lots of companies in Memphis are hiring. High Ground News has news about several job opportunities.

High Ground also has the story of a Syrian refugee in Memphis. Mahmoud Al Hazaz ran a popular restaurant in Homs, Syria, until it was shelled four years ago. He took refuge in Jordan and then in Memphis. When he gets permission to work, he hopes to cook again, noting that he specializes in Middle Eastern food but is willing to learn to prepare Western food as well (“KFC”). Can someone finance a restaurant for this man Downtown? I would love to eat some Syrian food. He sounds way too talented to be slinging chicken.

Tube top news: Britney Spears shows off her painting skills in a cropped tube top

There are open auditions for The Voice at the Cannon Center today and tomorrow.

The World Series of Fighting has an event at FedExForum tonight at 9.

If you’re curious about Dr. BBQ at Main and Pontotoc, I got a top-shelf recommendation for the place yesterday. I ran into Tad who gives tours in the ’50s Cadillac yesterday. He has eaten at Dr. BBQ’s mobile location and says it is very good.

Bacon shot glasses. We need these at BBQ Fest.

All right, that’s all for now. Brunch with Bloom at Bardog is first on the agenda today. I’m also kinda feelin’ a trip south to Max’s Sports Bar at some point. Keeping the Fireball to a minimum after yesterday. Back tomorrow with more news.