Wed update

Chef 4 a Day Catering is presenting an event called The Love Affair at No. 2 Vance on Valentine’s Day weekend. You can dine with your loved on with a view of the river, no lines, and no waiting. There are two brunch options: Saturday the 13th 11:00-1:00 or Sunday the 14th 12:30-2:30, with a brunch buffet and unlimited mimosas for $60. There is also a dinner option with unlimited champagne for Saturday evening the 13th 6:30-8:30 for $100. Check the event listing on Facebook to see menus.

The Tigers looked great last night against UCF! I’ve always believed Shaq had the potential to score 25 or more a night (35 last night) if he would just stay out of foul trouble. A win over SMU Saturday would give the NCAA committee something to offset last Sunday’s loss to ECU. Game is at 7 PM Saturday.

Cafe Pontotoc tweeted/Instragrammed that their kitchen is now open until 10 weeknights and 11 Friday and Saturday.

Pam and Terry play the Blind Bear tomorrow night from 10 AM to 1 PM. These two are a lot of fun.

International Blues Challenge: There’s a Pacific Northwest showcase on the first floor of Club 152 until 4 this afternoon, and a Blind Raccoon showcase at Purple Haze until 5. The IBC Quarterfinals begin around 5 this afternoon with a $10 pass getting you in all the participating clubs on Beale and nearby.

WWE fans: Thanks to Rolling Stone, you can watch The Undertaker’s greatest moments of the past 25 years as re-enacted by cats.

The Memphis Pink Bridal Show comes to the Cook Convention Center this Sunday. Plan your perfect wedding, all in one day. My idea of a perfect wedding is no wedding.

The Flying Fish has announced that fresh hot boiled crawfish will be back this weekend.

It’s been a good week for inventing/mis-using words at the Blind Bear. Last night one of the regulars told me I should read more to improve as a writer, telling me I’m “oxymoroning” myself by not reading more. Monday one of the staff learned she had been mis-using “living bi-curiously” all these years when she meant “living vicariously.” “Well, no wonder I’ve been getting funny looks when I say that.” We have such a great group on both sides of the bar up there. Sometimes even the slow nights of Monday and Tuesday turn out to be the best.

I’ll be leading off happy hour at the Silly Goose, then over to the Blind Bear for a bit then back to the Goose to hear Charvey at 10. Possibly another post before I go out this evening, so check back.