Friday morning update

I usually end blog posts with “what I’m doing tonight” but this time I will make an exception and start with it. I’m gonna go to South Main Trolley Night! The weather should be really nice and there are several venues down there I want to check out. I want to hit 387 S. Main to check out the three business that have located there: Stock & Belle, 387 Salon, and 387 Pantry. I also want to check out the 409 S. Main Open House. That building will soon be Memphis’ first food hall, and at the open house there will be a cupcake vendor and a food truck. I also want to catch a bit of South Main Sounds Songwriter Night, particularly my friend Good Shane who has performed in the past with Dynaflow and South Side Supper Club.

I plan on taking photos at each of these places, and if possible talking to the proprietors, for an upcoming blog post. If your business has something going on in South Main tonight and you would like me to stop by and include you in the post, shoot me an email at or hit me up on Facebook if we’re friends on there. (Note: I will try to check my Twitter mentions and DMs but I am bad about doing so, so Twitter is a less reliable way of getting in touch with me.)

And no, I will not say I’m going to all these places and then end up sitting at the bar at Max’s Sports Bar all evening. Yes, I know I have a history of doing that, but tonight will be different.

Up the street from Trolley Night is the Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage 50th anniversary concert at the Orpheum tonight.

OK people. Get ready for a “WTF” moment.

I will ask about this tomorrow when I go to Bardog for my usual Saturday brunch.

Terence Patterson who runs DMC (I’m still allowed to use that, right, Paul M.?) is looking for a big fish to bring home to Downtown Memphis. He feels The Edge in particular is a neighborhood where big things are about to start happening. Terence doesn’t feel the DMC should take the lead necessarily, but should partner with those who already have ideas in progress for the area.

Save the date: Sunday, February 21 is Throw Me a Bone day at the Green Beetle from 1 to 4. The project provides assistance for dog owners who don’t want to give up their pets but need help in order to keep them and care for them. $6 donation includes your first beer. There will be a silent auction and live music.

I learned yesterday that the River Rat Rounders free and legal poker league is back Downtown with several games. The RRR operates all over Memphis, with prizes at each poker event plus chances to win points toward league prizes such as entries into freerolls at the casinos in Tunica. Here is a complete schedule of all poker games Downtown. Except where indicated, the bars run leagues to themselves.

  • Sunday 6:00 PM: Hooters Downtown (River Rat Rounders league)
  • Sunday 6:30 PM: Blind Bear
  • Sunday 8:00 PM: Hooters Downtown (River Rat Rounders league)
  • Monday 8:30 PM: Silly Goose
  • Tuesday 8:00 PM: Blind Bear
  • Wednesday 7:30 PM: Bardog (downstairs)
  • Thursday 7:00 PM: Double J (River Rat Rounders league)
  • Thursday 7:30 PM: Blind Bear
  • Thursday 9:00 PM: Double J (River Rat Rounders league)

Again, all of these games are free and legal to play. Even if you’re not a skilled player, don’t let that stop you; bar poker is fun and a great way to make friends.

The International Blues Challenge semifinals are this evening at participating bars on Beale and nearby. A $15 wristband gets you in all of them. Also notable today are the 17th annual Blues Jam by the Stella Vees at the Blues Hall on Beale from noon to 4, and the National Women in Blues at Alfred’s from noon to 4. The Youth Showcase happens simultaneously with the IBC semifinals, and your wristband gets you in the showcase as well.

Another Redbirds job opening: Boardwalk Supervisor

Time to go to work. Possibly another post at lunchtime or about 5:30.