Monday update

LYFE Kitchen is officially open. I am excited it is there, not only because of the diversity it brings to Downtown dining, but because of its location. There is no more “dead block” of South Main between MLK Ave. and Pontotoc. That block will now be bustling with activity, making South Main safer and more connected to the core.

I’ll probably go in there for dinner one day this week. Looking at the menu… hmmm what to get? There’s a kale Caesar salad to which I could get garlic lime tofu as an add-on. I think I would rather eat a bug, but maybe I will order it just to challenge myself. It’s nice to know I can get my salad gluten-free or vegan upon request.

Here’s a map of the Salty Dogs run for tonight. It’s a 4.58 mile figure-eight departing from Bardog at 7 PM. There is no cost to participate and new people are always welcome.

Tickets are on sale for Mix-Odyssey 2016, a mixology competition benefiting Volunteer Odyssey. It will be Saturday, February 27 from 7 ti 10 PM. Sample 7 cocktails (or 10 if you go VIP) from bartenders across the city. Among the participants are Downtown bartenders Daniel Lynn (South of Beale) and Cady Smith and Stephanie Waugh (Cafe Pontotoc). Also hobbyist Grant Whittle (I went to college with him). There will be music and fortune tellers who will predict where you will volunteer next.

Pink Diva Cupcakery is holding a women’s only event called Cupcakes, Cursing and Cocktails next Wednesday, February 10. It’s an informal cocktail to discuss women’s issues, relationships, or anything you just want to get off your chest. Admission is $8, or $5 when you bring your own wine glass. Pink Diva is at 936 Florida just south of Downtown. The cupcakes at Pink Diva are vegan-friendly.

Vegan cupcakes and kale salad… this is almost becoming, like, “the health blog” or something. I need to go order the nachos from Huey’s and throw a photo of ’em on here to undo the damage to this blog’s reputation.

The Metal Museum is having Champagne Sunday next Sunday, February 7 from noon to 2, a free event with champagne, chocolate, cupcakes and wine from The Stemmed Glass. The gift shop will be open for your Valentine’s Day shopping.

Going to WWE Smackdown (tomorrow, FedExForum) or NXT (Thursday, Minglewood Hall) this week? The Cerrito Live podcast has a preview.

A Talent Development Agency has opened on the Main Street Mall next door to the Blind Bear.

2016-01-31 15.39.13

No idea what kind of talent they develop.

Did you know that Tennessee is home to the National Cornbread Championship? It’s in South Pittsburg near Chattanooga. April 23 and 24 are the big days. Hmmm I hovered over the Events menu and one of the events is “Church Service.” I’m thinking this might not be the spring break for adults that BBQ Fest is.

Just in case I have any readers who like mac & cheese, here’s a recipe for mac & cheese waffles.

All right, time for me to run down the street and get my eyes checked out. Tonight I will be checking the TV and social media for Iowa caucus results. I’m hoping Iowa feels the Bern and that a completely unelectable Republican wins their caucus (Ted Cruz would be good). Back tomorrow with more news.