Tue update #2

The afternoon at work went better than expected and I didn’t have to stay late, so here’s a quick news post before I go out.

If you haven’t been keeping up with sports news today, the Grizzlies have traded away Courtney Lee in a three-team deal with Charlotte and Miami. Memphis gets P.J. Hairston from Charlotte and Chris “Birdman” Andersen from Miami. The team also gets some second-round picks, which could be the most important component of this trade because they can be used in a future trade package.

MATA’s CEO says the transportation agency needs $7 million in additional funding or “stark cuts” will have to be made. @RyanPoe reported that for the first time, MATA is making decisions based on performance indicators and return on investment. WTF were they doing to make decisions before, putting the options on a dart board and then throwing a dart blindfolded?

I’ve mentioned this before, but just a reminder: If you want to be a volunteer for Memphis in May, the annual Volunteer Expo is Thursday from 6 to 8 at Central Station.

According to a Deadspin report, a culture of condoning sexual harassment and sexual assault existed in UT football as far back as 20 years. A female trainer lists numerous 1994-1996 allegations including the one about Peyton.

Central BBQ Downtown will close at 5 PM Saturday for a private event.

I heard free tickets to tomorrow’s Tigers game were being handed out at Poplar and Highland and at Madison and Cooper this afternoon.

Off to the Blind Bear. Back tomorrow with more news.