Thur update

MATA was mismanaged for years before current CEO Ron Garrison was hired, and guess who may get to pay for it? You. Fox 13 reports that MLGW fees may be raised to make up the $7 million shortfall MATA needs to cover to continue operating without stark cuts.

Do you make films? Follow @memfilmprize on Twitter for information on how you could win $10,000 to make your short film. The contest starts today.

Another planned Downtown hotel is a step closer to becoming a reality. After sitting on the matter for six months, the City Council approved a plan for a hotel for the northeast corner of Front and Jackson. named Memphis the #5 spring break destination in the country. They based the rankings on the costs of a weeklong trip: six nights in a hotel (assuming the cost is split between two adults), round-trip airfare, the cost of three meals, a taxi ride and 14 beers a day.

Good post on Memphis Cyclist about being able to ride your bike to West Memphis across the Harahan Bridge soon.

A Memphis family will be on Family Feud Friday at 2 on Fox 13.

Not much time to post today, apologies if typos. Possibly back after work with more.