We’re gonna STOMP… all night… plus Saturday news

Percussion extravaganza STOMP returns to the Orpheum today only for two shows at 2 PM and 8 PM. A cast of many uses every object imaginable to create sound and beat out rhythm. I have personally seen this show at the Orpheum and recommend it strongly. It’s a lot of fun.

Memphis is happy to have Chris “Birdman” Andersen on the team, but the original Bird Man from Memphis, Koko B. Ware, will make a local radio appearance today. He’ll be on Cerrito Live on AM 560/FM 8.7. at approximately 12:15 PM.

The Redbirds seasonal job fair is happening right now at AutoZone Park. It will be going on until 2 this afternoon. Come prepared to interview.

The Memphis Symphony Orchestra performs Bolero! tonight at 7:30 at the Cannon Center.

The City of Memphis is accepting applications for 10 part-time video analyst positions. Pay is not bad: $20.45 an hour. These “video paralegal” positions will assist local law enforcement.

Tin Roof is now offering a loyalty card to its regulars, giving them a $10 credit for every $50 spent on food. The card credits can be spent on anything at Tin Roof. Cardholders also get in free to non-ticketed events.

Chef Shuttle talked Downtown expansion with the Memphis Business Journal recently. The shuttle service vastly expands Downtowners’ food delivery options.

Holly from I Love Memphis recently ate lunch at the Flying Fish, having the grilled rainbow trout with rice and beans and grilled veggies, tilapia tacos (catfish tacos also available), and fried okra. Great place to eat and kid-friendly too. Check out the Billy Bass wall while you’re there. I was one of the first to donate a Billy Bass to the Fish and you can find it on the wall’s bottom row.

Random thing I read about recently: Numbers stations, shortwave radio stations used by spies to transmit information. These are broadcasts of seemingly random numbers and phonetic alphabet letters – “Five, nine, three, hotel, foxtrot” – at regularly scheduled times of the day. The coded information is usually read in a female voice, sometimes a child’s voice. Sometimes music precedes the coded numbers and letters.

Congratulations to Bardog bartender Bloom on the new addition to the family, Adelaide. Bloom will be out on maternity leave for a while, so for the next few months, Brunch with Bloom on Saturdays will be replaced by a classic: PANDA TIME! Panda will be back behind the bar slingin’ dranks. The Panda Welcome Committee, consisting of my “DAWG” John D and myself, will be there at 11 AM.

(Note: All plans this weekend are tentative. I really hope I am at Panda’s bar this morning at 11, and I really hope I am at my vocal Facebook friend B-RAD’s bar tomorrow at 11, but I can’t guarantee it. We did some server upgrades at work this week that are simply awesome, but we still are finding loose ends. It is possible I will be called away to take care of stuff. Also, apologies to those to whom I have been slow to respond to texts or emails. It has not been a normal week, although it has been a good one.)

All right, outta here, time to make sure I haven’t been tagged on HipChat (our work chat room) about anything and put some laundry in the dryer. With a high in the 70s and a low in the 60s, it is T-shirt and shorts weather in February and I will take every bit of that I can get. Time to get this day off to a good start!