Monday update including Moody Ques news

I was thinking about something this weekend. When NBA players get traded and have to move to another city in as little as a day, how do they handle it? How do they get their vehicle(s) to their new city? How do they pack up all their clothes in such little time? If they rent or lease in their former city, how do they break the lease? Are there consultants whose job is to help players with these things? Anyone know?

Congratulations to Downtown neighborhood bar Bardog Tavern, which now holds back-to-back victories at Soup Sunday for Best Soup. Their Chicken Velvet soup won again yesterday.

Downtown Yoga will hold a special class called Glowga Saturday, March 12 from 7:00 to 8:30 PM. They will turn the lights down and get the fluorescents out for glow-in-the-dark yoga. $25 per person, with space limited, so visit the class schedule page on to sign up and reserve your spot.

While we’re on the subject of yoga (sort of): My favorite pair of librarian glasses posted to my Facebook timeline last night. She said she was sure that it was because of me that an ad for dress yoga pants appeared in her news feed. If my activities lead to women wearing yoga pants more often, then I have served the world well.

Carbunkle Trumpet has a good post on dressing for the day vs. dressing for the weather. It was 60 in New York City this weekend and people were walking around in heavy wool overcoats and scarves. Yeah I don’t get that either. I had short-sleeved shirts and shorts on all weekend.

Memphis Flyer writer Lesley Young visited the Downtown LYFE Kitchen recently. They have a full bar and their patio will open next month, so it will be a nice spot for March Madness and South Main Trolley Night. The mahi tacos are the number-one seller at the Downtown location.

The airport is hiring for a couple of seasonal positions.

The Friends reunion was said to be a bust but Jennifer Aniston rocked a tube top, so there’s that.

Oh my God. Someone started a GoFundMe account to raise money to buy out Josh Pastner’s contract.

The Moody Ques had a board meeting yesterday and there are a couple of items I wanted to pass along to team members who read this blog. First of all, if you have a lot of vacation time accrued, it would really help if you could take part or all of Monday, May 9-Wednesday, May 11 off to help with the build at Tom Lee Park. Team president Clay is going to have to be at his job those days, and in my new role as Director of Public Relations I will have to be off-site much of that time. With two people who had in past years been key factors for load-in out of the park, we need teammates to step up. Travis from Holiday Flowers will be leading the effort and he is hoping to have a good crew with him.

We also will need some help with prep work for the Atoka regional BBQ festival. I don’t have my notes here with me, so more on that in a future post.

If you haven’t paid your dues, pay them here. We can get you a mailing address if you need to mail us a check instead of paying online.

After a couple of weeks off, I am returning to Melissa Monday at Bardog for happy hour tonight. Blind Bear after that. Possibly another post before I get out this evening.