Got an answer to my NBA trade question + Tuesday news update #2

Yesterday I wondered on this blog what happens when an NBA player gets traded – how he moves out of his home, transports his vehicles, etc. when he has to be in a new city in a day. A former employee of FedExForum who now lives in Canada emailed me an answer. The teams take care of everything, as per terms of the collective bargaining agreement. All the player has to do is pack a bag and go. The team puts him up in the new city for a certain period of time, or until the end of the season depending on when the trade occurs. The old and new team make arrangements to have his house packed up, vehicles shipped. Makes sense. Why would you want the player’s mind to be focused on anything other than basketball?

Bardog Tavern has announced its 8th annual Erin Go Braghless party on St. Patrick’s Day, Thursday, March 17. Throw your bra on the bar and get your first drink for a penny.

Yesterday it was rumored that Donald Trump would appear at FedExForum Saturday. Later in the day it was announced that The Donald will appear in the Memphis metro, but not Downtown – he will be at the Millington Jet Port at the old Navy base at 6 PM. It is terrifying to think that this time next year, we could be living in the United States of Trump.

I blasted Bluefin Sunday about the grammar on a sign they posted over the weekend, but to be fair, I heard a couple of good things about the recently-reopened sushi restaurant yesterday. A friend of mine ate there and texted me that the sushi was really good. Also, I heard from a trusted source that the bar has reopened and they have a good bartender back there.

From Thrillist: 10 untapped craft beer cities ready to blow up. First on the list: Memphis. The co-owner of Memphis Made Brewing Co. is quoted in the article.

Want to work for one of Memphis’ best nonprofits? Porter-Leath has three positions open.

There will be a 3 Shades of Blue watch party for the Grizzlies vs. Suns game Saturday, February 27 at 8:30 PM.

That’ll do it for now. Hitting the Blind Bear after work. Should be rainy.