Thur update #2: Things looking worse for UT and more

A new allegation has been brought forth in the lawsuit six women have brought against the University of Tennessee. The women claim that there is a campus culture at UT, and in the athletic department and football team in particular, that enables sexual assault. The latest allegation came from UT football player Drae Bowles, claiming that head coach Butch Jones called Bowles “a traitor to the team” after Bowles aided a woman who said that two other UT football players raped her.

Fansided has a list of five candidates to replace Butch Jones after the university fires him. The list is wishful thinking though. Why the hell would Nick Saban leave Alabama to take a job at a school with such a f’d up campus culture? Why would ANYBODY take that job?

I wonder how many female college seniors are crossing UT off their list of prospective schools? If I had a daughter I certainly would not let her go there.

Carbunkle Trumpet recently attended a home game for the Brooklyn Nets as they took on the Memphis Grizzlies. CBT moved to New York City from Memphis several months ago, and having attended Grizzlies home games in Memphis, a “small market,” he was curious to see what a game would look like in a “large market.” The Nets had no mascot, no halftime performance, no Bongo Cam contests, no pyro for home team introductions. I bet there are no dancing Grannies and Grandpas either. I guess New Yorkers take having pro sports teams for granted and the Nets don’t feel the need to make every game an experience. Just goes to show, we have it good here in Memphis.

Want an early taste of Old Dominick Distillery, which will open in the Front Street Chicken District at 301 S. Front? The Memphis Daily News has a photo gallery.

The Orpheum Family Series brings a performance of Moby Dick to the Halloran Center tomorrow evening at 7. This will be a kid-friendly performance and tickets are $15-30.

Jeff Reed returns to the Cannon Center Saturday night at 7:30 for a tribute performance to the 50th anniversary of the release of the Beach Boys’ 1966 album Pet Sounds.

That’s it for now. Could be a third post today, you never know.