Bar stools are for people, not purses: Friday update #2

I am going to start off this post with a rant about a pet peeve of mine: Women who sit at the bar and put their purse in the seat next to them, even though they know it is a popular time of day at a popular bar and every seat will soon be in demand. I can’t tell you how many times I have arrived at Silly Goose happy hour 5:35-5:40ish and there have been three unoccupied seats at the bar – and yet there was nowhere to sit because those three bar stools had purses in them.

It’s inconsiderate of customers who come in after you do.

It’s also rude to the bartender, who has 14 seats at her bar but will only be getting tipped on 11 tabs because of the purse-occupied seats.

There are hooks underneath the bar. Hang your purse there. Or put your purse on the bar. Or put it underneath your seat. Or just don’t bring a purse. Or sit at a table rather than the bar.

If you put your purse in the seat next to you to hold it for a friend who is meeting you in 5 or 10 minutes, no problem. If you put your purse in the seat next to you to hold it for a friend who will be arriving in 45 minutes to an hour? Not cool.

I’m glad my mother raised me to have consideration for others. Too bad not everyone’s mother did. This has always been a minor nuisance, but it seems like it’s really gotten out of hand at Downtown bars lately.

High Cotton Brewery posted photos to Facebook yesterday announcing that they are increasing their brewing capacity, allowing them to get their beer to even more locations. High Cotton’s beers, particularly its flagship ESB, can already be found in many of Downtown’s bars. PRO TIP: You can get High Cotton and other local drafts for $2 at the Silly Goose’s local beer night Tuesdays 7:30 to close. You might not get a seat due to purses, but you’ll get good beer for a good price.

High Cotton had their Drink & Draw event last night, where participants bring their favorite drawing utensil and medium on which to draw. It apparently was a success, because there was a sold-out announcement on Facebook and people begging for the brewery to bring Drink & Draw back for a second time.

There’s a Public Affairs Specialist position open at the VA. Short commute from Downtown and the pay is excellent.

The Republican party is sending in the clowns this weekend: John Kasich, Donald Trump, and Ben Carson will be in Memphis in the next two days. Carson’s appearance at Highpoint Church got canceled for security reasons, but he still has another stop. I feel bad grouping Kasich with the other two; he’s a decent fellow. I wouldn’t vote for him in a general election though.

ifiweretorunMiss Cordelia’s, the full-service grocery store on Mud Island, is hiring a Produce Manager. The candidate must have one year’s produce experience and submit a resume to assistant manager Erica at Given my love for fresh produce, this would be a dream job for me, but alas, I chose a career in information technology; I don’t have the experience to qualify for this job.

From 4-6 today, you can pick up a Grizzlies Growler from Madison Growler (inside the Midtown Cash Saver) and win prizes from the Grizz Girls.

Chris Johnson from America’s Idol will play Local Downtown tomorrow night.

That’ll wrap it up for now. I am more than ready for the weekend that lies ahead.