Thursday update

BREAKING: Prince has passed away at the age of 57

Before we get started, a quick announcement to my Moody Ques teammates: Friday (tomorrow) is the deadline to let us know your T-shirt size. If you are a member, or if you have not paid yet but plan on being a member, fill out this form and let us know your size. We are ordering extras but cannot guarantee the size you want if you do not let us know by tomorrow.

The MyHQ alley party in Barboro Alley got rescheduled due to incoming storms last night. New date is Tuesday, May 3, when they will partner with Red Ball Project, and there will be music, drinks, games, art and more.

Pro tip: If you’re going to Southern Hot Wing Fest Saturday on Riverside, start stocking up on dollar bills. No, not to go to the strip club afterward, but to leave donations for the teams who feed you wings. Money in the donation buckets will go to the Ronald McDonald House.

Fox13 has photos of a car smashing into the South Bluffs guard shack.

Ready for your daily dose of stupid? Donald Trump thinks putting Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill is “a total P.C. move” and that we should put her on the highly-esteemed $2 bill instead. How does he get away with saying this stuff?

Good stuff from one of my favorite authors, Neale Donald Walsch:

Too often the past 12 months, I have chosen actions based out of fear. I think I will make it a personal goal to choose better actions in the short term, say, between now and the end of BBQ Fest.

Best Bet from Michael Donahue: Caldo Tlalpeno from Maciel’s. I have not tried that one yet, but based on my experience, anything from Maciel’s is a Best Bet!

The Majestic Grille is opening at 10 Sunday so you have time to brunch before Grizzlies playoff game 4. 901-522-8555 for reservations.

Susan Ellis from the Flyer has news on what is happening at Bluefin since the new owner took over.

There will be a Latin Food & Tequila Fest Sunday at the Cadre Building from noon to 7.

Learn to make Felicia Suzanne’s classic BGFLT salad at home in this video.

If you didn’t see the Downtown Olympics recap I posted early this morning, keep scrolling down and you will see it. Check back, because a third post is a serious possibility. Farmers Market news came in too late for this post but I will try to get it online this evening.