Lettuce Toss it Up at the Memphis Farmers Market, plus Thursday news

Tomorrow night, Friday, April 29, is South Main Trolley Night, with shops and galleries in the area open late. As I posted earlier, there will be happy hour live music at South Main Sounds. There will also be live music at Double J, The Green Beetle, Earnestine & Hazel’s, outside of Guiding Point Financial, Obsidian PR, Rizzo’s Diner, Cafe Pontotoc and maybe more. Art will include Nosey42 at Stock & Belle and Women Who Paint at Art Village Gallery.

There’s a chance of storms tomorrow, but weather permitting I plan to make it down to Trolley Night. Of course, I hope to see my South Main friends down there, but it would be a pleasure to see people from other Downtown neighborhoods as well, for example Harbor Town, South End, and The Edge.

Lettuce Toss it Up is the theme at the Memphis Farmers Market this Saturday. In his 1996 movie Bring the Pain, Chris Rock talks about getting his salad tossed with either jelly or syrup. He prefers syrup. Did you know that you can get salad ingredients, jelly, and syrup at the Memphis Farmers Market? The Market had a tip for patrons: If your lettuce begins to wilt on a hot car drive home, placing it in a bowl of icy water will bring it back to life. Live music by Ted Horrell 8:30-10 and Ashlee Thomas 11-12:30. The Farmers Market is at the corner of Front and G.E. Patterson every Saturday from 7 AM to 1 PM through the fall.

Learn about chow chow from “Lil” Bit of Country in this week’s vendor chitchat.

I have a couple of links to share with Market patrons. First of all, kale is SO 2015. Here are three super-greens you probably hadn’t heard of that you need to try. Given that they think we haven’t heard of turnip greens, I’m pretty sure this article was written by a Northerner.

Interesting argument from Mashable: It’s impossible to be a vegetarian. The argument is that while animals eat plants and other animals, plants eat animals and other plants. They derive their nutrition from the soil, which is partly made up of decaying plant and animal matter. So when you eat a plant, you are eating animals. It’s all one big eco-system. Now that this matter has been cleared up, why not get in the car, stop by the dumpster to drop off the tempeh and the quinoa, and drive to Tops for a cheeseburger topped with some pulled pork?

Last month I mentioned that Diamond Dave and Seamus were going to perform on their new guitars tomorrow night in the Cavern at the Brass Door. Unfortunately that will have to be postponed, because Seamus is traveling to St. Louis.

Memphis in May warns of a ticketing scam. Buy your tickets online and print them at home, or buy from authorized vendors. Don’t buy from “Got Tickets? Need Tickets?” guy standing on the street. Those tickets are possibly duplicates that will be rejected at the gate by the bar code reader. I have had friends who have been scammed this way.

The Downtown Neighborhood Association is having its monthly happy hour at Loflin Yard today.

Moody Ques: We have a new team information post on the website. Of particular note is the menu, which includes brisket cooked by a Texan and “Frank’s Special Surprise” Friday night. Unfortunately Al Roker’s team had to back out due to a conflict.

More and more it’s looking like liar vs. liar in the fall general election. The pawn of the banks vs. the billionaire megalomaniac. Hillary basically admitted that she takes political positions because they’re expedient, not because they’re necessarily what she truly believes. Sadly, I am probably going to be casting a ballot for this woman in November. I will do so reluctantly.

That’s it for now. Normally Thursday is Silly Goose day but yesterday it was just too damn crowded and they ran out of PBR, so I am going to lead off at Blind Bear instead. Pam and Terry play at 10 so I will probably stay a while.