Monday update

The Pink Pig Apparel clothing line has landed back Downtown. The collection for women and men was launched at Shelton Clothiers several years ago. Shelton closed but the Pig lived on. The apparel has been available online for years, but now you don’t have to get on a computer or leave Downtown to get the Pig. Life is Good on the Main Street Mall is now carrying Pink Pig apparel. As soon as I get caught up from BBQ Fest I am going to do some shopping!

Speaking of BBQ Fest… my team the Moody Ques finished 40th in shoulder. That is up 19 spots from last year and is a huge accomplishment for our cooks Frank and Erik and the team. Remember, there are teams that travel the country doing this professionally. Early this year we had three experienced BBQ judges tell us, “You aren’t going to win this year, but keep on doing what you’re doing and in three years time you are going to be one of the big dogs in Tom Lee Park.” We’re exactly where we need to be and I am so proud of my team! Next up for us: the Tate County Fair in Senatobia, Mississippi June 1-4.

By the way, we made the Commercial Appeal on Thursday.

Memphis is considered one of the most haunted cities in the United States, and Historical Haunts Memphis is hosting a murder investigation into a brutal crime that was committed here in 1918. There will be a sit down EVP and spirit box session in the dark basement of the murder scene.

Downtown Yoga is hosting a beginner’s acro yoga class Sunday, May 29. This 2 1/2 hour class will be taught by three instructors. You can come with a partner or by yourself.

Friday is Silky O’Sullivan’s Irish Heritage Night at the Redbirds. If you’re one of the first 2000 fans in AutoZone Park, you will receive a free green Redbirds hat. There will be Silky’s-themed events before and after the game.

Historian Jimmy Ogle hosts a South Front Street tour lunchtime tomorrow, Tuesday, May 17. It is free to attend. Meet at the Chisca at Main and MLK Avenue if you want to join.

If ever there was an appropriately named Broadway show to play Memphis, it would have to be Bullets Over Broadway. The show is at the Orpheum for a week beginning tonight with a rare Monday performance.

The Wiseacre taproom has new hours starting today: 4-10 Monday-Friday and 1-10 Saturday.

That’ll do it for now. Sorry for the break from the blog for a few days but I just really needed to experience BBQ Fest for a year without the “blogger” role. It’s good to be back and I will be back soon with more news.