Two Girls and a Whip cake pictures + Wednesday news

The Daily News has an article about Two Girls and a Whip, the custom cake business to open at Front and Talbot next month. It is being opened by Mary Katherine (“MK”) Dunston and Courtney Lollar, two women with 15 years experience in the cake-baking business. When I say custom cakes, I hope you don’t think of a chocolate cake in the case at Kroger with a couple of roses and “Happy Bar Mitzvah Murry” on top. These ladies can take any inanimate object and make a cake model of it, with every inch of the cake edible. I have been to a couple of parties where MK’s cakes were served. I asked her to send me a few photos so my readers could get an idea of the intricacy and detail of her and Courtney’s work. (click for larger sized images)


Remember, every piece is edible.






Having had these cakes, I had no doubt their business would be a smashing success, and apparently I wasn’t the only one. The two ladies found a business partner in none other than Aldo, who opened Bardog, Slider Inn, and both Aldo’s Pizza Pies. The cake shop, in addition to taking orders for the custom cakes, will have several flavors on hand on the shelves available for immediate purchase as well as cupcakes. They’re also going to have some “boozy batter” cupcakes with flavors like White Russians, margaritas, and mimosas.

Speaking of Aldo, anyone know the date of the Bardog alley party/Monroe Fest this year?

A couple of people have asked me if the air show, a big part of Sunset Symphony, will be back for its replacement 901Fest on Saturday, May 28. Memphis in May has confirmed that the air show will indeed be back.

The Flyer has an article about The Donut Factory I reported on a couple of weeks ago, having recently opened at 8 S. Main next door to my building. They are indeed open 24/7 as I was told at the time I posted.

The Downtown Neighborhood Association will have its monthly meeting at the Arcade at Main and G.E. Patterson on Tuesday, May 24 (social at 6, program at 6:30). County Mayor Mark Luttrell will speak. Snacks and beverages will be available. No cover charge for members, $10 for guests.

Mannheim Steamroller Christmas will take place at the Orpheum on December 23. Tickets will go on sale July 25.

The Silly Goose is bringing back the After-Rooftop Parties on Thursday nights. They’ve been getting a good response to the Latin-influenced music they have been mixing in on Saturdays lately, so they are incorporating some of that on Thursdays. It will still be a wide range of music, but they’re just making it a bit wider.

The federal government has named Memphis one of its 16 summer impact hubs. That will get the city extra money for summer jobs, learning, and violence reduction programs.

Earth has only one person left born in the 1800s.

New thing at BBQ Fest this year: You’ve heard of Super Bowl rings, of World Series rings, I’m sure, ordered for winning teams. There were teams ordering BBQ team rings. The guy who sells them is a friend of mine and after he got done working, he came by the Moody Ques for a beverage. “BBQ rings are really a thing?” I asked, and he named off two of the best known local teams that had ordered them, including the team who probably has the most trophies at BBQ Fest. If any of the other BBQ teams want rings, hit me up at and I will put you in touch.

Off to work for a fun morning of vagrant up, acceptance testing, and other fun web developer stuff. Possibly another post at lunch or after work. I will lead off at the Silly Goose today then see where the evening takes me.