Early Thursday morning update

The amount of news I have this morning matches my insomnia level, so let’s do this.

Twin Soul will be the featured entertainment at this week’s Thursday rooftop party. Admission is $10 with the first 200 ladies free, or you can buy a season VIP pass for $150 at the door. Your admission includes a buffet of mini cheese & chicken hoagies and tater tots from 7-8 PM. If you hold the VIP pass there’s a second buffet in your private area where you will have Canadian bacon sliders, French-Canadian shepherd’s pie, and Waldorf salad. The margarita tasting this week will be coconut margaritas. For VIP holders only, there is an exclusive party in the Corner Bar with tastings of Goose Island 4-Star Pils.

I saw a post on Facebook about a planning meeting for the Breakaway-Bardog 5K and alley party (Monroe Avenue Fest), to be held Sunday, August 28. Daaaaaamn people gonna be havin’ some tough decisions to make. That’s the same day as Best Memphis Burger Fest at Tiger Lane. I was talking to some friends about it last night, and they were saying, “It lasts all afternoon, there’s enough time to do both.” That’s true in general, but not if you’re on a team cooking burgers! My team has discussed entering but we haven’t made an official decision yet.

By the way, it isn’t anyone’s fault these events got double-booked. It was pretty much bound to happen. The last Sunday of August is the traditional date of Bardog’s party, so they were just continuing to do what they do. It’s also hard to blame Burger Fest for their decision to move. Last year, it was on October 5, when the weather is usually warm and beautiful. However, this being Memphis, October weather is unpredictable. Last year temperatures were 20 degrees below normal, never making it out of the 50s, with wind gusts of 40 miles per hour. People didn’t want to be there and I couldn’t blame them. The event made thousands less in food vendor and merchandise sales than expected. I remember the poor ice cream vendor sitting there realizing he probably wouldn’t make one sale all day. The festival couldn’t afford to eat a loss again, so they had no choice to move it back, and with September already loaded with other festivals, August 28 was probably the first available day that worked.

Big night at the Redbirds this Saturday at 6:35 (opening pitch; gates at 5). The first 1500 fans get a replica St. Louis Cardinals Yadier Molina jersey, with a special Busch Stadium 10th Anniversary replica patch. There will also be a theme ticket that includes the Cards’ full-length hooded zip sweatshirt. Available in XL only. Call 901-722-0296 to purchase this special ticket. As always on Saturday, there will be fireworks after the game.

This story is a few days old but I love it and want to pass it on for those who missed it. Republican (remember, “the party of family values”) Congressional candidate Mike Webb, running in Virginia’s 8th district, posted a screenshot of his laptop to illustrate a point he was making about employment. The trouble is, he was screenshotting his web browser, with other tabs open as well – and two of them were tabs to porn sites he had open at the time.

There’s live music at Loflin Yard this weekend, with Marcella & Her Lovers 6-9 Friday, Rev. John Wilkins 4-7 Saturday, and Tennessee Ripple 4-7 Sunday.

The Madison Hotel is getting new owners. The current owners weren’t looking to sell, but an unsolicited offer was made by a firm so experienced in running boutique hotels, and it was such a good fit that the current owners agreed.

Bluff City Coffee has added to its lunch menu: You can now get their lunch sandwiches on focaccia bread or on any of their bagels.

The Bell Trilogy Book Signing with Steve Bradshaw happens at South Main Book Juggler Friday, May 27 from 6-9 PM. Here’s the description, which I grabbed from Facebook:

Steve is a mystery/thriller author drawing on life experiences as forensic investigator and biotech entrepreneur. He received a BA from University of Texas and trained at the Institute of Forensic Sciences. Steve investigated 3,000+ unexplained deaths for the Medical Examiner’s Office. As the founder-president/CEO of an innovative biomed company, he led development of an innovative meniscus implant now under FDA clinical review. Today, Steve places his readers on the front row in fascinating worlds of fringe science, modern forensics, and the pursuit of very real monsters. Other page- turner mystery/thrillers by Steve Bradshaw are the BLUFF CITY BUTCHER, THE SKIES ROARED, and BLOOD LIONS.

The 27th is South Main Trolley Night, so be sure to make Book Juggler one of your stops if you come to the neighborhood.

The Tennessee Brewery has posted an update on construction and renovations. The main building will contain 44 apartment units, with another 88 at the Wash House building to be constructed to the north. Adjacent to the 300+ space parking garage will be phase two of the Bottle Shop, with 18 more apartment units.

Time to head out to work. Most likely there will be a second post later today.