Thur update #2

I did an early post this morning, so if you haven’t seen it, keep scrolling after you read this one.

The CA’s Michael Donahue has a food Best Bet: The Soy Ginger Hot Wings at the Dirty Crow Inn, the “5 star dive bar” at Crump and Kentucky.

This is pretty cool: The Harahan Bridge, the 1917 bridge which will soon be ready for pedestrian and bike traffic between Memphis and Arkansas, will have LED lighting which can change for special events. The lighting is thanks to private donors.

The Memphis Farmers Market is feeling the flower power this Saturday. From 9 to 11:30 kids will be able to “plant” their own garden with stickers on an oversized grassy scene. Stickers will include flowers, butterflies and more. The Council on International Education Exchange (CIEE), the largest nonprofit study-abroad and intercultural exchange program, will be on hand and you can talk to them about hosting international students. Live music by Dillard and Garmon 8:30-10, Karen Waldrup 11-12:30. The Streetdog Foundation will be on hand doing adoptions. The market runs from 7 AM to 1 PM every Saturday at the pavilion at Main and G.E. Patterson.

This week’s vendor chitchat is with Carolyn Dodson-King of Dodson Farms Jams & Jellies in Forrest City, Arkansas. The farm has been with the market since the first year. Fun fact: They are working with the brewer of a local IPA on a “beer jam.” Can’t make it to the Farmers Market to get their products? No problem, you still don’t have to leave Downtown to get them; Trolley Stop Market carries them.

Tacos & Tunes returns to Felicia Suzanne’s patio tonight at 7 with the Side Street Steppers.

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The great thing about BBQ Fest is stories you hear even days later about things that happened in your team’s booth, that you missed. We had a mid-afternoon lunch of wings, Friday I believe, and a woman came into our booth and proceeded to grab an entire platter of wings and try to walk out with them. She did it with such authority that she almost got to the door when we realized, “Wait, that isn’t a team member,” and we stopped her. I guess she figured she’d grab some free lunch for herself and her friends, rather than paying one of the park vendors for food! Moral of the story: Put your serving table far away from the door and have team members keep an eye on it.

We also had someone grab half a pan of smoked Gouda mac & cheese off the serving table and take it upstairs. I think that may have been a team member or at least a guest, but the thing is, anyone other than a sponsor really should be getting permission from the cooks before doing that.

Wonder if I will hear more BBQ stories tonight? Heading to the Silly Goose after work for happy hour. Back to work!