Tuesday update

Happy birthday to my Congressman, Steve Cohen! I first met Steve when I volunteered on his 1996 campaign when he ran against Harold Ford Jr. I lived in Midtown at the time and walked to his office on Union nearly every day that summer, mostly doing database work. I know Steve checks out this blog from time to time, so happy birthday if you’re reading this. I wish every member of Congress had the integrity that Steve has.

I have another “happy birthday” too but I will save it for later…

If you take Front Street home from work, figure out an alternate route for today’s drive home. The street will be closed between Union and Gayoso for Million Dollar Quartet filming.

The St. Jude Marathon happens the first Saturday of every December. Thousands run a marathon, half-marathon, or 5K to raise money for the children’s cancer research hospital. Have you ever wanted to support a Hero who runs the race, but didn’t know one? You can support my friend and St. Jude Hero Misty here. Not only has Misty been my friend for over a decade, but she does a fabulous job as treasurer for our BBQ team. #runmistyrun

For my out-of-town readers who have never seen the Peabody Hotel in person, Google StreetView has a HotelView with 360 degree angles.

From ForeignPolicy.com: Meet the Chinese Internet trolls pumping out 488 fake social media posts a year

Oh my God you can vote once an HOUR in the CA’s Memphis Most polling? That is the biggest sham ever. Skip this BS and wait for the REAL Best of Memphis poll, presented by the Memphis Flyer in the summer, in which you can only vote once (and you know what that vote should be for Best Blog).

ESPN is in the final stages of producing a 30 for 30 episode on the life of the “Nature Boy,” Ric Flair. Whoooooooooo!

My plans for this evening are to spend some time with some wonderful people. Well, that tends to be my plan every evening, but this one more so than most. Possibly a second post later today. Toodles!