Wed update

I am sad to report that Roxie’s, the grocery at Third and Mill that is known city-wide for its great burger, was damaged in an overnight fire Monday night/Tuesday morning. However, the building was not a total loss and the burgers will be back on the grill as soon as they can.

On Saturday, June 18 there will be a soul food cooking contest at Slave Haven, the Underground Railroad museum in the 800 block of North Second. The museum is celebrating its 160th anniversary and the contest is part of its Juneteenth events. You can compete for the best of the best in sweet potato pie, bread pudding, hot water cornbread, tea cakes, and biscuits.

Saturday, August 28 is Go Topless Day at Overton Park. Everyone, including men, is encouraged to wear pasties and celebrate the day. This is also the day of Best Memphis Burger Fest and the Bardog alley party, so people are going to be spread thin around town.

The folks at the Hungry Memphis blog tried the deep fried ribs at King Jerry Lawler’s new cafe on Beale Street. Those look really good, and something different from the rest of the ribs you can find Downtown.

South of Beale is now delivering to Downtown and Midtown via Chef Shuttle. Here’s the menu.

Very cool for our local university: The University of Memphis is sending 14 journalism students to cover the Olympics. The games open August 5. Man oh man… the Summer Olympics back on TV… you know what that means…



I am still waiting to hear whether Catalina Ponor has accepted my marriage proposal.

For Max’s Sports Bar patrons: You may remember Lauren who tended bar during day football games several years back. She will be working Michele’s shifts for the month while Michele is on vacation, so come see her! I will definitely be spending some time at Max’s this weekend.

Max’s is mentioned in this post by the Flyer’s Frank Murtaugh about five tips for new Grizzlies coach David Fizdale. “Forget white collar or blue collar… Memphis may be America’s only no-collar town.” Love it. And Coach Fiz, if you’re reading this, you really should visit Max’s and meet the regulars. One of the friendliest bars in the city and they love their sports there.

And after you visit Max’s, be sure to go cat-a-corner across Main and G.E. Patterson and check out Earnestine & Hazel’s, a spot where a certain former Grizz coach used to take his 23-year-old dates.


Damn. Two Mr. Greens in one post. That hasn’t happened in a while. I think the only time it has ever happened before is when I mentioned the BBQ device that I’m no longer to mention on here.

(I mentioned the BBQ device I am no longer allowed to mention :mrgreen: )

Three. A hat trick of Mr. Greens.

For my readers who are casual wrestling fans but don’t follow the action on a weekly basis, you gotta watch the clip below. John Cena returned Monday night after a 6+ month absence due to injury. WWE newcomer AJ Styles, already a legend in TNA and Japan, came to the ring to greet Cena. Last week AJ asked the other members of The Bullet Club (now just “The Club”) to stop interfering in his matches and they agreed to go their separate ways. However, The Club was none too happy about Styles sucking up to John Cena last night, and they came to the ring to express their objection. Probably the most important segment on a WWE show since Seth Rollins turned on his fellow Shield members two years ago.

I want to thank Moody Ques pitmaster Frank and his lovely wife Laura for having us over to their house on Memorial Day for a cookout. There were ribs and wings and sides, and it was all so good. The team is a shoulder team at BBQ Fest but we compete in ribs in some of the regionals, so this was good practice.

Vote for BBQ Fest as one of USA TODAY’s 10 best BBQ festivals here. You can vote once a day through June 20.

I’ll be at the Silly Goose for happy hour. Possibly a second post, check back.